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Preview: Game of Thrones Season IV


Exeter Game of Thrones Society President Nick Lawley gives us his preview of the upcoming series of everyones favourite bloodthirsty fantasy series. 

On the 7th April Game of Thrones will (finally) return to our screens! Season 4 has been hotly anticipated by fans of the show, who have

Image Credits: HBO
Image Credits: HBO

had to wait to see how the aftermath of Season 3 will play out.

The culmination of Season 3 in Episode 9 – the infamous Red Wedding – became the most talked about episode in history which left fans yearning to discover how the situation in Westeros will develop in the next season.

In Season 4 we have multiple plot lines thickening and reaching breaking points. With Cersei having fired warning shots at Margaery, the royal wedding is bound to be fascinating.

Will the tension between Joffrey and Tyrion boil over? With Jaime and Brienne back from their long travels, how will they find life in

Image Credits: The Independent
Image Credits: The Independent

the capital? Where are Arya and the Hound going to head to next? What will be Danaerys next move? Is there any hope for an improvement in Theon’s life? What will Bran, Hodor and co. find north of the Wall?

Game of Thrones has become almost synonymous with death. So much so that the tag line for Season 4 is ‘All Men Must Die’.

The three previous seasons have seen the deaths of approximately 60 speaking characters and to fill the void, Season 4 will see the introduction of many new faces.

Book favourite Oberyn Martell, sporting the ominous pseudonym of ‘The Red Viper’, is played by the brilliant Pedro Pascual, The seriestrailer shows Oberyn warning Tyrion, in a dulcet latin accent, to remind his father that “the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts”. This all guarantees much more political intrigue in King’s Landing.

Exeter’s very own Game of Thrones Society will be bringing the best coverage, analysis and discussion of everything related to the show and the books both in the build up to and during the next Season. Head on over to the Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news and discussion.

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