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List and Shout: Pavel’s Top 5 Debut Albums


Hello there from your new music editors for Exeposé Online! It is the first of the month and as this is our first post, what better way to kick it off than by giving you our top 5 debut albums as part of List and Shout – our new regular feature of condensed musical love and hate! You can check out Lewis’ choices here.

5) Cynic – Focus

Not many bands manage to revolutionise music with their debut. This album combines the brutal vocals and fast drums of death metal with the quirky scales and masterful instrumentation of jazz fusion. The lyrics in Focus touch on themes of esotericism, philosophy and morality, making it a truly cosmic experience which many have tried to replicate, most of them – unsuccessfully.

4) Placebo – Placebo

One of the most perfect alternative rock debuts and a good diary for the average frustrated adolescence. The songs in Placebo are innovative, catchy, unpolished and honest, and their drummer is INSANE. They were never as raw and hard-hitting after this.

3) The Killers – Hot Fuss

A debut that needs no introduction. Chock-full of hit songs, Hot Fuss sounds today as fresh as it did when it first came out and radios were literally unable to stop playing it. After all these years and all these nights-out, I am still not sick of ‘Mr. Brightside’. To me, this is amazing.

2) Pearl Jam – Ten

The ultimate 90s Seattle debut. Others took years to develop their sound, but Pearl Jam’s Ten is a finished mature product from start to finish. At times mellow, at times rocking, it is quality throughout. I’d mention the lyrics if singer Eddie Vedder had the actual ability to pronounce words.


This band and their debut are so good, their names are only written in capitals. As descriptive as the Wikipedia entry on their genre is – J-pop, heavy metal, symphonic death metal – words do not really do justice to the phenomenon that is BABYMETAL. The concept and execution of BABYMETAL defy laws of logic, music and, quite possibly, genuine legislation. As any Marketing student will tell you, if metal, dancing and anime culture are cool on their own, then they will be damned great together. A testimony to their incredible talent, BABYMETAL managed to enter the UK Independent charts at No. 18 (incidentally, the age from which you are entered into a register if you purchase it).

Happy April Fools’!

Pavel Kondov, Online Music Editor

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