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Moyes:The Chosen One?


Online Sport Editor Freddie Turner responds to Sam Buxey’s scathing attack on David Moyes, explaining why Moyes deserves more time.

Everyone knows that United fans are extremely annoying. Although the tag of smug, uneducated glory hunters cannot be given to them all, the recent ‘banner’ debacle will do very little to change this perception.

After twenty years of unrivalled success, it appears the fans aren’t even patient enough to wait a season to allow their new manager, handpicked by their most successful manager of all time, to rebuild his side.

Moyes- in a much happier time. Photo: independent.co.uk
Moyes- in a much happier time. Photo: independent.co.uk

Obviously Man United is a huge club, where success is demanded but seven disappointing months does not merit these widespread protests.  New managers should always be afforded time and never is this point more valid. Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26 year stay was monumental and meant his successor was always going to have an extremely difficult job to imprint his values on the team.

The need to give a new manager time is never more evident than with the great Sir Alex himself. His tenure was on the verge of an abrupt end after three trophy less seasons. It was only in his fourth that he was able to win his first trophy the FA cup. It took him even longer to win the league, with that coming in 1993, some seven years after his initial appointment.

Fergie was given time. Moyes deserves the same. Photo: jaguda.com
Fergie was given time. Moyes deserves the same. Photo: jaguda.com

Just imagine if Ferguson had been forced out after his lack of immediate success, just as these so called ‘fans’ wish for Moyes to be. United would have missed out on two decades of pure dominance. Thirteen league titles, two European cups and countless other landmarks. Moyes deserves time and if United fans have to suffer the pain of a couple of success free seasons then so be it. It’s not like they haven’t had their fill.

As a long suffering Leicester City fan, I like many other football fans have endured season where managerial changes, back to back defeats and relegations have been all to frequent. However, these lows make the highs all the more sweet (as I am currently experiencing.) Surely United fans can settle for a couple of years in the wilderness after their orgy of success. Most fans would not bemoan a potential top six premier league finish, a Carling Cup semi and a Champions league quarter final.

With regards Moyes’ season, obviously it has not gone to plan but it hasn’t all been a failure. Firstly, he has reinvigorated Wayne Rooney, giving him a new lease of life (as well as a multimillion pound contract.) Meanwhile he has unearthed one of the most promising talents in world football in Adnan Januzaj. The Belgian/Kosovan/Englishman’s exposure to first team football could hold him in great stead in Moyes’ upcoming years. With the arrival of Juan Mata, United have an exciting frontline developing and once Moyes develops a system that makes best use of them, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

All the hair, no idea. Fellaini has flopped thus far. Photo: celebrityhairstylez.com
All the hair, no idea. Fellaini has flopped thus far. Photo: celebrityhairstylez.com

Behind, United have alarming problems as exposed in their recent crushing defeats at the hands of local rivals Liverpool and Man City. Ferguson’s departure appeared well timed as this current United squad severely lacks the quality of many of his others.

The midfield lacks dynamism and creativity and Moyes’ signing of Marouane Fellaini has done little to change this. Meanwhile the once formidable defensive partnership of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand is a shadow of its former self. Whether young English duo Phil Jones and Chris Smalling have the quality to replace them remains doubtful and Moyes will need to reinforce greatly in these areas.

It is clear that this summer will be a pivotal one for Moyes. He needs to clear out lots of the dead wood that lingers from the Ferguson era whilst adding some players of really class. Perhaps even more importantly than this though, he needs to build a squad that fully buys into his philosophy and management. Rather than living in Sir Alex’s shadow it is imperative that Moyes can imprint his own mark on this team.


What is certain, is that Moyes and United need support from the terraces. The majority of the fans gave him this at the weekend in their victory over Aston Villa. It is time for them to live up to their name and form a united front. Rather than organising idiotic protests, their club needs them to get behind the team and cheer on their manager.

Whether Moyes is the right man for the job only time will tell but it is far too early for any judgments to be made. His pedigree and Sir Alex’s backing means Moyes deserves respect and time to make his mark. Pointless protests from plastic fans are not helping anyone.

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