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University To Honour J.K. Rowling In Musical Tribute 24/7


The University has decided to honour arguably its most successful graduate by playing the theme tune (Hedwig’s Theme) to Harry Potter on a continuous loop throughout the campus.

Image Credits: AP
Image Credits: AP

The John Williams- penned tune will be played in all public spaces, at all times of day. J.K. Rowling is reported to be honoured that the University has chosen to immortalise the wizarding wonder in this way.

However, not wanting to overplay the song, the Students’ Guild has chosen certain sound clips, taken from all of the films, to be played in different areas of the campus. The sound of the Dementors will be played in all revision rooms, whilst Quidditch cheering will be heard in the Sports Park.

These sounds were carefully selected by a panel of Harry Potter experts and enthusiasts, and have been approved by Rowling herself.

Exeposé has also been informed that this new measure will not encroach upon the piano playing in the Forum. However, the University will require all pianists to play only Hedwig’s theme, in time to the music which will be played through newly installed speakers.

And these new additions to campus aren’t just a measure to honour our famous alumni. The University has argued that these sounds will improve student wellbeing and development. A spokesman for the Guild said: ‘Playing the theme tune to Harry Potter in the Forum will liven the spirits of all students, by making them think that they are a part of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft an Wizardry. The dementor noises will keep them alert, and the soundtrack in general will remind them that they too can go on to do amazing things after University.’

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