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Preview: Green Man Festival Line-Up


Music Editor Kate Burgess fills you in on the latest details about one of the summer festivals she’s most excited for – Green Man.

Last week saw a few fresh editions to Green Man’s line-up, and it’s getting us here in the music editors office very excited (metaphorically, because we are all on Easter holidays, and the music section sadly has yet to secure its own exclusive office space).

So before we talk about who’s been added, I’ll do a quick round up of who is already on the bill. Headliners are very exciting, namely the wonderfully cerebral indie rockers Neutral Milk Hotel who seem to have influenced pretty much every (disclaimer) band worth their salt in the last 10 to 15 years (think Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Franz Ferdinand, etcetera etcetera).  Also Beruit, who are possibly the best band I’ve ever seen live (apart from Arcade Fire) and will undoubtedly send half of the Welsh hills into a euphoric stupor with their trumpet hooting, uke strumming, accordion bashing choruses. They are also offering up the delicious harmonies of the Swedish First Aid Kit (we all know Lion’s Roar and Emmylou, if nothing else), alongside Caribou as another testament to Canada’s pretty solid musical offerings. Green Man is also serving up the likes of Bill Callahan, Daughter, Kurt Vile, Anna Calvi, Nick Mulvey, and Boy & Bear. There are plenty more, but check out the full line up yourselves, I won’t bore you on how excited I am about Toy or Mariam from Wildbirds and Peacedrums being there (rest assured I could go on at length).

So who has just been announced? Firstly, The War on Drugs, who are sure to excite a good old summer sway following this year’s album release of the wistful ‘Lost in the Dream’ which harks of some mellowed out Genesis vocals and Mystery Jets vibes. Can we expect a bit of an on-stage collaboration/reunion with them and Kurt Vile (past member and founder of TWOD)?

Next, Panda Bear has been added to the mix, diversifying the line-up a little and echoing the hints of ambient electro, experimental pop we have seen in wider list of acts. There hasn’t been a lot of new solo stuff for the last two or so years coming from Panda Bear, but there is news of an album under the working title ‘Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper’ so hopefully his set will reveal a few of the tracks he has been working on; I’m really hyped for this.

What Green Man seems to be offering at the moment is an eclectic line-up that expertly feeds into the more eco-summer chilled out atmosphere of the festival which fits perfectly with the location of the festival in the heart of the Welsh Black Mountains. The only way in which I think Green Man trips itself up is with the outstanding previous line-ups which are getting harder and harder to better; I’m not entirely sure this year tops 2012’s (but that’s just a matter of personal taste).

Kate Burgess, Music Editor

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