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Success for XTV at NaSTA Awards 2014


After a successful evening for the XTV team, Christopher Filsell recounts the NaSTA Awards 2014, GIF-style. 

On 6 April 2014, XTV came home with two awards after a weekend at the National Student Television Awards in Loughborough.

The event was action packed, with many exciting conferences regarding the television industry taking place, as well as a grand awards ceremony being organised to commemorate all those who had entered.

Though a long descriptive piece detailing every aspect of the weekend would have been preferable to this writer, the world seems to have moved on and we no longer have the attention spans to read more than five lines of a text. Therefore, I present to you, NaSTA2014, as retold by .GIF images!


In the beginning…



It all starts with a bang as the XTV team pose for a series of group photos in and around Loughborough’s beautiful campus.


Blue Steel


The surviving remnants of the 2012-2013 committee are pictured here attempting the legendary Blue Steel pose from Zoolander. Shame Jorge Causer didn’t know what it was…


The many faces of Jon Jones



Jon Jones, our candidate for ‘Best On-Screen Male’ shows his full range of emotion. Whether it’s smirking, pouting, or looking slightly awkward at have his picture taken, there’s nothing this man can’t do!


Trouble in Paradise



Alex Glynn loses confidence in his fellow Station Manager Nik Rahmel whilst Ollie Steele holds a brave smile. They have yet to reconcile.


Photo-bombs became frequent



Here at XTV, we take ourselves very seriously, which is why only professional, formal photographs are allowed to be published.




Our first award of the evening goes to producers Jon Jones and Becky Mullan for their highly-commended light entertainment programme XTVG! Here you can see the before and after pictures of Jon’s reaction.




BOOM. XTV takes home another award, this time for Cinematography. This occasion is made even more special by the fact that the winners, Ollie Steele and Jamie MacLeod, have made history, being the first people ever to win this brand new category.


Armpits Ahoy


Natalie attempts to get her groove on to the Bee-Gee’s classic Stayin’ Alive. Alas, Carmen wasn’t so impressed.




All the excitement and enthusiasm drains from Nik Rahmel’s face as the ceremony runs over by a few hours, prompting the above hashtag to begin trending in the UK.


Out with the old… in with the new


Following on from the awards evening, XTV carries on the tradition of doing a handover to the new committee. We can only hope next year will be as brilliant as this one has been!


Christopher Filsell, Head of Creative – XTV Online


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