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Top 10: Forgotten Disney Songs


In light of Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ being awarded ‘Best Song’, Emma Sudderick takes a look back into her childhood to give her Top 10 forgotten Disney songs.

Image Credit: Wikia
Image Credit: Wikia


Since its release in 2013, Disney’s latest zinger, Frozen, has received critical acclaim as being one of the best Disney films to be released for years and generally “squeezably lovely” (The Telegraph).

Yet it seems the title music, ‘Let it Go’, has almost exceeded the films popularity, winning ‘Best Song’ at the Oscars.

Disney’s latest anthem has been described as an “adolescent aperitif” (The Guardian) among other things with an empowering message and belting vocals from Wicked’s Idina Menzel.

In light of this success, we utilised our (somewhat extensive) Disney knowledge to bring you our Top 10 forgotten Disney songs.



1. A Girl Worth Fighting For – Mulan

Because every song in this film is cracking, even if this song is questionable for feminism.


2. Are You In or Out? – Aladdin  and the King of Theives

Who even remembers this film, let alone the song?


3. Not One of Us – The Lion King 2

A song which proves that sequels to Disney films are not all that bad…


4. Here on the Land and Sea – The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

…And a song which discredits the previous statement. Although, there’s something unfathomably uplifting about this song.


5. Zipadee-doo-dah – Song of the South

The song your parents always sang but you never knew what film it was from.


6. Something There – Beauty and the Beast

The song which was the turning point in one of Disney’s best romances.


7. Poor Unfortunate Souls – The Little Mermaid

Probably the catchiest song ever sung by an octopus.


8. When She Loved Me – Toy Story 2

The song which produced an entire generation of children who will never want to throw their toys away.


9. Little April Shower – Bambi

The song which makes rain in April seem delightful, an achievement all of its own.


10. Whistle Stop – Robin Hood

The song which proves that lyrics are not needed.


Emma Sudderick, Online Screen Editor


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