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Feature: The Real McCoy’s Silent Cinema


Looking for an alternative place to watch your favourite films? Emma Sudderick tells us about the hidden gem tucked away in The Real McCoy.



Image Credit: Exeter Trails
Image Credit: Exeter Trails

Known for its weekly live music sets and unique adjoining retro store, The Real McCoy is one of Exeter’s favourite hidden gems.

As if being an independent café, vintage shop, fancy dress hiring company and day time venue wasn’t enough, the McCoy also has a free silent cinema screen inside.

To call it a cinema is reaching slightly, with only two or three tables to boast, but tucked away beneath the stairs the McCoy silent cinema offers a more intimate and quirky alternative to the larger film venue’s in the city.

Image Credit: Exeter Trails
Image Credit: Exeter Trails

Essentially, the silent cinema is not a cinema at all, but just a TV screening DVD’s without the sound on. The films shown are entirely silent. This isn’t to say that they’re necessarily pre-sound black and white films but instead are a range of contemporary films screened for café customers to watch whilst enjoying a coffee or lunch.

Whilst it is not the best scenario to see a film for the first time, it is definitely an experience, giving the audience (the two or three coffee loving customers) a new and chilled location for film watching.

So next time you’re in town, and fancy an alternative to the high street eateries,why not visit The Real McCoy?  After all, the cinema is entirely free!



 Emma Sudderick, Online Screen Editor

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