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Top 5: Inspirational Movie Quotes


Feeling uninspired and inactive during exam period? Screen Editor Josh Mines gives us his top 5 motivational quotes. 


1) “Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance. In this life or the next”

Maximus Decimus Meridius

Image Credit: Huffington Post
Image Credit: Huffington Post

Anyone who knows me well will have heard me mention this film (Gladiator) just about a million times, but I’m putting it on the list anyway. In a role that gained him an Oscar for best actor, Russell Crowe gives a number of speeches as the wronged Maximus, the soldier turned slave who defies Rome to gain vengeance for the death of his family, but the pick of the bunch has to be his direct monologue to Joaquin Phoenix’s Emperor Commodus. Few can resist the urge to cheer along with the colisseum crowd as Crowe gives this defiant speech, before exiting to the roars of his name ringing around the arena. The stuff of legend.



2) “It ain’t about how hard you get hit, but how hard you get hit and can keep movin”.

Image Credit: Empire Online
Image Credit: Empire Online

Rocky Balboa
An entry from the titan of inspirational sports movies, Rocky. There’s a whole host of speeches and moments from the six (yes six) films in the franchise, but my pick comes from the most recent outing for the grizzled boxer: Rocky Balboa. Whilst telling his disillusioned son to basically toughen up, Stallone shows his acting talent goes beyond flexing his oiled guns to grunt his way into second spot on the list. Well done, Sylvester.



3) “You either get busy livin’, or you get busy dyin’.”

Andy Dufresne

Image Credit: IMDB
Image Credit: IMDB

Though this film would probably be better suited to a top five of generally inspirational films, The Shawshank Redemption still provides us with some hugely memorable moments. Andy Dufresne isn’t the most likely orator, but he still manages to tug at our heart strings and teach us that even in the bleakest moments, hope will always prevail. And I’m sure most students can relate to Andy’s break out from Shawshank as they pour out of the exam room, the shackles of revision after many hard weeks finally broken.



4) “They can take our lives, but they cannot take…OUR FREEDOM!”  

William Wallace

Image Credit: The Telegraph
Image Credit: The Telegraph

FREEDOM! Need I say more? Though Gibson’s Scottish accent is patchy at  times during Braveheart, no one can deny the rousing quality of this epic speech. Accompanied to the drum of shields and din of Glaswegian growls, this monologue has the ability to make anyone want to take on the most unlikely amount of revision, even with a few hours before that crucial exam. We students must fight for our freedom too, you know.



5) “On this team we fight for that inch. Cause we know, when we add up all those inches that’s what’s gonna make the difference. Between winning and losing. Between living and dying.”

Tony D’Amato

Image Credit: IMDB
Image Credit: IMDB

Nothing says inspirational like a good ‘ol sports movie, and Any Given Sunday is no different. Pacino doing what he does best, shouting at a group of men twice his size, but who cares about height when he can give such a worthy speech?




Josh Mines, Screen Editor

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