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How to get your fifteen minutes of fame


Stephanie Parrott gives us her best hints and tricks on how to get your 15 minutes of fame….

It’s true to say that there’s a part of everyone that would secretly love to be famous, a part that thinks the glitz, the glam and the limelight can’t be that bad. Or maybe a part of everyone who would like to be famous just for a little bit, to do something worthwhile and make themselves known to the world. Well… the expression fifteen minutes of fame comes from Andy Warhol, who made the sweeping statement that ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’… he certainly believes it, and so do we.

So how do you do it?

  1. Choose your area of fame

    Image Credit: psula
    Image Credit: psula

So first thing’s first, you need to decide just what exactly you want to be famous for. Is it your intellect that the world just needs to know about? Your artistic talents? Sporting ability? Or maybe just for literally being you? The choice needs to be made before you can even begin to work out how to go about it. What is it about you that the world just has to know about, has to see, has to love, if only for fifteen minutes?

  1. Take Part

    x factor
    Image Credit: The Mirror

Now it’s time to get involved within your area of fame. The most widely used method is to enter television programs, shows, basically anything and everything. If your musical talent is what’s going to get you noticed, then use tv resources, Xfactor, Britain’s Got Talent, the trick is to be persistent… all the contestants that actually get somewhere are the ones that have auditioned previously, they’re determined and everyone loves someone who’s not willing to give up. Ring radios, sing down the phone, keep calling, emailing, writing, do everything! The same goes for sport, you have to show that you want it, this means you keep coming back for trials, asking what you need to do to get where you want to be, proving that you’re the one they want – make everyone believe it as much as you do. Act in a play, be their number one in chorus, if you’re keen enough, dedicated enough, soon you’ll have your name in lights. Do charity work, donate your time to worthy causes and you’ll be a star to those you help. The secret is to not stop, you have to be everywhere, in anything, at everything.

  1. Get your name out there

    Image Credit: CreatedInBirmingham
    Image Credit: CreatedInBirmingham

The next step is make sure that people don’t just know you, but have an opinion on you – whether you’re loved, hated or even questioned, your name needs to be at the front of everyone’s minds. Make sure that in everything you do, your name is what they remember when they leave, so that judges, agents, scouts, anyone and everyone knows exactly who you are. Be controversial, be amazing, be impressive, be dedicated, be spectacular, be unforgettable and be known.



  1. Join the social media buzz

    Image Credit: Chelco
    Image Credit: Chelco

The next biggest thing at the moment (apart from you) is social media, so that is what you need to be all over. It might seem cringe and embarrassing but it’s what needs to be done… and by all over it, we’re talking constant updates on twitter, fan pages on Facebook, thousands of Instagram followers. Everyone needs to be able to know exactly who you are and what you’re doing but most importantly, everyone needs to want to know who you are and what you’re doing, so make it fun, carefree and maybe even a little amusing.

  1. Decide just how famous you really want to be

So now you need to decide just how famous you’re going for. If the aim is, like the title suggests, just a short fifteen minutes in the spotlight, then follow the simple instructions at your own pace… they’re easy enough. However, if you’re looking to be famous, and by that I mean really famous, then you have to take that extra step, go that extra mile, and make sure you do everything to the up most extreme. Go crazy, don’t just introduce yourself, make yourself known, don’t just join in, get involved, put in all you have… after all, if it was that easy we’d all be celebrities.

Stephanie Parrott

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