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Fashion Fix: The Safer Sex Ball Fashion Guide


Bought your ticket for one of the SSB’s yet? Well here’s what to wear…Yancy Wong, Fashion Columnist, shares her tips for what to wear to this years Safer Sex Balls and shows us some of her top picks from the High Street…..

We missed it last year and we’re going crazy for it this year. It’s currently the most talked about event in Exeter. After the guild banning safer sex ball last year, we wouldn’t have guessed it would come back bigger and better. We all have been debating which event to go to, as there are two SSB’s this year being held by different organisers. However this article is about sharing safer sex ball fashion advice, from the wildest Rio carnival to the fluffiest winter wonderland theme.

Choosing your SSB outfit does not come at ease, despite wearing fewer fabrics than usual. The fear of not wanting to look fat and chubby in your selected lingerie and underwear has become a bit of a dilemma. We have been cramping in gym session and working around our food diet, just to get the ideal body.  However, much of what you look like on the night does not lie with what you eat, but largely due to what you are going to wear.

Colour Theme

It might be quite hard when it comes to deciding what you should wear for each event, having not mentioned that they are completely contrasting themes. When browsing for your outfit, it’s nice to know the colour theme of your event. The colour scheme allows you to filter out outfits that might not be suitable for the event. For a quick and easy outfit, going for a neutral black or nude lingerie and dressing it up with accessories according to the colour scheme could also do the job.

colour theme


Winter Wonderland

Let the magic begin! A beautiful icy theme could not be better than incorporating it with many different soft colours and shades of blue.  Make sure you grab your glitter because I’m sure that would come in handy.

High waisted knickers are definitely the all time favourite, the classic look does not only look amazing but it also gives you the extra bit of body control. Having not mentioned the fabulous wonders of bralets.

 winter wonderland

Style your simple lingerie according to your themed event. If you were planning to go to the Winter Wonderland SSB, match your lingerie with something fluffy and something warm like a fur coat. Cream fur coats are a complete winter must for this SSB theme, providing you with warmth and also style.




Scorching hot sun and tropical weather brings with it a multitude of choice for vibrant colours. We are expecting a parade of animated feathers and face paints, alongside the carnival of bright coloured lingerie.



Body-Control Lingerie

We might not admit wearing them but we absolutely love them. They can’t go wrong! We cannot deny the fact they give us the most flawless body shape and figure, leaving us feeling highly confidant and looking fabulous without revealing too much.  The perfect place to start looking for these cute body shapers would be Marks & Spencer’s.  Style your simply black lingerie according to your theme by adding vibrant colours for the Rio carnival or icy shades of blue for the winter wonderland.

black 1

black 2


Yancy Wong, Fashion Columnist

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