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Live Review: Mallory Knox


Mid-way through their tour I managed to catch sight of the Cambridge born band Mallory Knox at their gig in Bristol’s 02 Academy. Opening up the stage were three support bands a little too screamo/emo to be suitable in introducing the alternative rock band. Second supporters ‘Hope Fort’ mixed their heavy sound with an undeniably Mariah Carey vocal vibe, clashing ultimately with riffs that were meant to be hard core, turning it all into a bit of a mish-mash.

When the 5 piece band finally arrived on stage after the third act I was a bit worried to say the least, Mikey’s distinctive voice was croaky and struggling to reach the high notes. The powerful entrance song I was expecting never happened, I was quick to think the songs I loved weren’t going to be how I wanted to hear them. Fortunately enough Bristol fans were ready, they backed the frontman 100%, loyally singing to every song whether it was old or new. Just recently bringing out their new album Asymmetry the band was careful to select a set list that didn’t jeopardise making the gig one thrusting the new album on the fans. Instead, eased them in seeing more old ones than new ones, but each setting the crowd off, more true contenders were ‘Dying to Survive’ and ‘Getaway’. As a younger generation of crowd they radiated energy, from above they were almost as amusing to watch as the band themselves.


The liveliness of the crowd matched to the drive of the band on stage, they owned it and showed they belonged up there. Not to be underrated was bass guitarist and backing vocalist Sam, his soft toned voice was worthy of sounding just like on the album, ‘She took him to the Lake’ demonstrated he was a key part to the band and credibly talented. Ending the encore on ‘Lighthouse’ the band went about making the moment last longer by taking the bridge and slowing things down. The lighters (or iphone flashlights) came out, arms were raised and the swaying began before kicking back in to the ending chorus.

I was quick to take back judging how the concert would play after learning of Mikey being under the weather. In parts where he had to rest (in order to not strain his voice) the crowd and backing vocalists took control, it made the whole gig more interesting , it was more interacting and undeniably fun! Having seen the band before and understanding how powerful Mikey’s voice can be it was sad, through no fault of his own that he wasn’t capable of giving out his best. Luckily this had no effect on the performance and they still managed to deliver a quality gig!

Lauren Edwards

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