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Socialist students for free education


Exeter Socialist Students conducted a tongue-in-cheek demonstration in the Forum last week, handing out mock debt notices whilst wearing masks of pro-fee British politicians.

Last Thursday, several members of Socialist Students donned fake David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband faces and leafleted onlookers with pretend student debt invoices worth £44,000.

The awareness raising activity coincided with a nationwide ‘Walkout/Occupy/Resist Day of Action,’ organised by The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts in the wake of the ‘Free Education’ demonstration three weeks ago.

The group hope to highlight the marketisation of education and build on the momentum gained after the 19 November demo, which called for an end to cuts, fees and debts.

Harry White, one of the protesters, said: “I think we as students sometimes try and close our eyes and forget about how much debt we are actually being loaded with. Physically handing out debt invoices to people, whilst wearing a David Cameron mask, actually brings home how much we’re being royally screwed.”

Around the country, the day of action attracted support on various campuses and gained notoriety after police appeared to use excessive force at the University of Warwick.

Students at Exeter and nationwide are expected to conduct further action next year in the run up to the general election.

Harrison Jones, Editor

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