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An interview with Hannah Peck Illustration


James Pidduck, Online Comment Editor, interviews the very talented Hannah Peck on her arty illustrations: a guide for getting creative projects off the ground at University. 

So when did you start Hannah Peck Illustration? Tell us what it’s all about.

I set up the Facebook page in first year on a bit of a whim to showcase a few drawings. From there it’s evolved to commissions, selling things with my drawings on them, and helping brand a few projects.

How is it to balance the project with third year studies?

It’s actually a welcome break from constantly gazing at a screen / book, so I’m very glad to have an actual hobby outside of Uni work.

Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration

We’ve heard on the grapevine that both societies and companies are fighting tooth-and-nail to get their paws on your drawings. Who have you worked with?

Oh stop it Exepose Arts, you’re making me blush. I’ve worked with companies like No Guts No Glory, Alpha.org, North South Apparel and Mister Dress up, and societies like Razz, RAG, Theatre with Teeth, EUTCo and Harry Potter. (I’m also Creative Director of Exetera Magazine, which I am unashamedly plugging via Exeposé…)

What would you say were the main steps involved in translating your idea into a real, tangible thing?

I suppose it depends on the project, sometime you need to sit down and think it all through before executing, but with illustrations I normally just go for it and see what happens along the way.

Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration
Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration

What 5 characteristics would you say any student thinking of starting up their own art-based entrepreneurial project should ideally have?

– Preferably a brain that thinks creatively
– Motivation.
– Friends who can spam your work on social media / provide you with a following that isn’t embarrassingly low.
– Ability to be self-critical
– Ridiculous good looks and mystery to allure clients.

Has organising your own start-up influenced your career choices? And if so, would you say this was a good thing?

Yes! The illustration project shattered my angsty teenage thoughts that not going to art school was a mistake, along with the idea that I couldn’t do anything arty whilst at Exeter (despite our depressing stereotype). I’m very keen to carry on doing something like this after I graduate.

So now you’ve gone a bit freelance-y and started charging for your projects. Good on you – money doesn’t grow on trees… What do you like to spend these extra dollar bills on?

Really cool things from places you probably haven’t heard of. (Not ballpoint pens and wine from Co-op…)

Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration
Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration

Now, time for some more general questions – Exepose Arts wants to get to know the real Hannah Peck, delve into the mind behind the illustrations, if you will… So, what is more important to you – art or breathing?

Art is the air I breathe.

 Would you rather sacrifice your sketchbook or a small, delicate baby hedgehog?

Probably my sketchbook?

10. In your humble opinion, is the Mona Lisa really worth all the hype? Should a Hannah Peck drawing be hanging up there instead?

Funnily enough, the version currently hanging in the Louvre is one I re-created at a tender 6 months of age whilst bored in my cot – so your question is actually pointless.

Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration
Image Credit: Hannah Peck Illustration

You place a paintbrush in your child’s hand and they throw it away, picking up a football instead. Do you: a) disown said child, b) appreciate that everyone has different areas of interest, or c) no comment?

c) No comment

And finally, what’s the piece of work you’ve done for Hannah Peck Illustration that you’re most proud of?

Probably the Mona Lisa thing.

For more information check out the Facebook page for Hannah Peck Illustration here

James Pidduck  

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