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Students protest that ‘Black Lives Matter’


The Exeter African Caribbean Society organised a peaceful demonstration outside the INTO building on Wednesday 2 December, under the heading “Black Lives Matter.”

Such events have been happening all around the globe and form part of a movement created in 2012 following the murder of 17 year old African American Trayvon Martin in Florida.

George Zimmerman, the Neighbourhood Watch volunteer who shot the unarmed Trayvon, was later acquitted of murder.

Following the recent events in Ferguson there has been an increase of high profile Black Lives Matter events as a way to fight back against racism and the marginalisation of black communities.

Dozens of Exeter students attended the event, which lasted over an hour, including speeches and discussions.

More similar demonstrations are set to happen on campuses across the UK and USA, with another similar case hitting the headlines last week.

The criminal case against police officers involved in the death of Eric Garner – an unarmed black man who died in an illegal chokehold – collapsed on 3 December. A civil rights investigation has been launched by the US justice department and peaceful protests have been taking place throughout New York.

A member of the African Caribbean Society said: “The rally was not only to raise awareness about Ferguson but also about the treatment of People of Colour in the criminal justice system.

“Feelings of sadness and hopelessness motivated the rally.  Where there is no longer any hope of the system acting to correct itself, the individual must act; out of compassion for your fellow man and out of self-preservation.”

Susannah Keogh, News Team 

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