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Footlights’ Evita: An interview with Che


The student production of Evita at the Exeter Northcott Theatre is coming this January 29th-31st! This captivating story follows the rise and fall of a nation’s hero. We interviewed second year English and Drama student Eoin McAndrew, who plays the role of ‘Che’.

What made you want to audition for Footlights’ Evita?

At home in Northern Ireland, I was part of the chorus in a really fantastic production of Evita, where I fell in love with the score. I think Evita’s a musical that has something to say, there aren’t a lot of smart, popular musicals. I’ve been in a few Footlights shows before, and I’d always wanted to have a go at playing ‘Che’, so I was really pleased to get the opportunity.

How would you describe the character of Che?

Che’s the everyman who narrates the piece. He’s interesting in that there’s no information about him in the script. So the character can be whatever the director of the productions fashions him into. In the original Broadway productions, he’s been portrayed as the revolutionary Che Guevara, while in others he’s just a MC-style showman. I think the Aaron and the Footlights production team have come up with a really unique interpretation of the character for this show – something a little bit different.


Image Credit: Footlights' Evita
Image Credit: Footlights’ Evita

What has been your favourite thing so far about being involved with this production?

Getting to work with talented people who’re dedicated to putting on a good show. It’s a great atmosphere to work in and I’m so excited by what we’ve put together so far.
How are the rehearsals going, is it stressful/enjoyable?

I’m not too stressed now, but talk to me in January. Evita’s an intense show. The ensemble and the dancers are all onstage almost the entire show, so it’s hard to put together. Any show this big is bound to be stressful, but I love theatre. I’m pretty lucky to get to do what I’m doing.

Is it very time consuming?

I’m part of Soul Choir as well as Evita, so yeah, it get’s time consuming. But I get bored if I’m not busy, so I can’t complain too much.

And finally, if people reading this are unsure about whether to see Evita, what would you say to them?

Well, I know this is the biggest cliché in the book, but I really think that this show has something for everyone. The choreography and set pieces are stunning, the music is beautiful and the best thing about is that the story of Eva Peron is genuinely fascinating – funny, scary and moving.

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To find out more about Eoin and Che, here is his video diary.

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