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Review: Grand Theft Auto V: Next-gen

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Grand Theft Auto V, the biggest selling entertainment product of all time, has been re-released and updated for the next-gen consoles – Jack England explores what has made this reincarnation better than anything that has come before. 

The last time game I played a game from the Grand Theft Auto series was GTA II on PC, and since then Rockstar has come a long way. Straight off the bat, I will honestly tell you that playing GTA V for the next generation consoles is the most fun I have had on my PS4 this year; and with the amount of content crammed into this game, I predict it to continue to be one of my top games next year too.

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The new first-person mode makes the game even more immersive than before.

As someone who never played the original GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3, I was worried that the excess of new features would be implemented in an unnatural fashion. However, I couldn’t be more wrong; every single one of these new features, from the first-person mode to the updated targeting modes, are all easily explained to new players. On PS4, especially, Rockstar have made the most of the next-gen technology, with the game using the touchpad as the method of changing the camera, as well as using the light bar on the front of the controller to flash red and blue when police are chasing you – pretty impressive.

A lot of the stuff you get up to in GTA V is, well, illegal, and with the new first-person mode, all of your criminal activities suddenly seem even more so. It feels so much worse carrying out missions in the game, such as beating up a man, stealing his car and then shooting down police officers, when it’s through your own eyes. However, the sense of excitement and scope GTA V contains in its gameplay and environment means that somehow the game manages to pull it off.

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The new graphics are incredible, and the increased quality can definitely be seen between the previous and next-gen consoles.

The updated graphics look incredible, and the jump to 1080p means the game looks incredibly realistic in free-roam; more often than not I couldn’t tell whether the sounds of the city were coming from my TV or outside my window. Los Santos, the games fictional setting, actually feels like a real city. The dense pedestrian population and the amount of cars on the road (that have both been increased for the next-gen), make the level of immersion incredibly high. Los Santos certainly makes a nice change from wet and cold Britain, only if you’re willing to put up with a couple of murders and bank robberies once in a while.

For online fans, there’s good news here as well. The world player count has been bumped up to 30, meaning even more of your friends can go on rampages across the city with you. What’s more, you can transfer your old console GTA V online to your next-gen game, so don’t feel guilty about buying that new console and saying goodbye to the past! If you do choose to jump to the next-gen, you’ll get a load of exclusive upgrades too, including a murder mystery adventure to stock car races, and everything in-between.

If I had to complain about something though, it’d have to be the controls. Whilst fine most of the time, as someone new to the series I found the driving controls quite difficult to get used to, especially while driving and shooting. The handbrake positioning is quite jarring too, but after a while you do get used to it.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a game this Christmas to get lost in, I must recommend GTA V for the next-gen consoles. It looks amazingly polished, it plays amazingly well and it’s a whole lot of fun. So pack your bags – you’re heading to Los Santos for Christmas!

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