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National: Feminist Society renamed Ugly Girls Club


The Royal Holloway Feminist Society made international news this month after renaming the society the ‘Ugly Girls Club’.

The group tweeted last week that they had heard that members of the Royal Holloway University community had given them the unflattering moniker. They responded by encouraging others to tweet them selfies with the #uglygirlsclub and urged their followers to understand that ‘your opinion is worth more than your appearance’.

Natasha Barrett, the President of the Feminist Society  at Royal Holloway went into more detail on this, telling the National Student that “the aim of the campaign is to empower people not just to think of their worth in physical terms – the selfies were tongue in cheek to start with but they carry a serious message too.”

Their call to action has been met with an overwhelimg response from students around the country, including students at the University of Exeter.

Celebrities are also working to over-turn the negative stereotypes. Emma Watson’s speech to the UN, which urged men to understand that gender equality is a cause that ought to be embraced by both genders, earned huge amounts of attention earlier this year.

Similarly, Beyonce ended her performance at the VMA’s with the word ‘feminist’ in huge, neon letters as a backdrop, in an attempt to dispel inaccurate stereotypes.

Miki Dery, News Team

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