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Guild invited to take part in national audit on lad culture and sexism


The NUS is running its first national audit on lad culture and sexism, and has invited the Students’ Guild to take part.

The Students’ Guild, who set up #NeverOK in October, a campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment and subsequently lad culture, has been invited by the NUS to take part in the audit as one of ‘8-10 student unions’, but a spokesperson for the Guild said that “there needs to be a discussion about the feasibility of resourcing the work required to take part” before any decision on participation can be made.

As part of the #NeverOk campaign, Exeter Feminist Society and the Devon Rape Crisis Service ran a ‘Reclaim the Night March’ on Thursday, December 11th, at the Mint Methodist Church.

The march is supported by Baroness Benjamin, who says “To highlight awareness about violence towards women, especially as the festive season approaches, hopefully will bring to the attention of everyone, that this is unacceptable behaviour and should not be ignored.”

By way of this audit the NUS hopes to create a way for institutions to identify existing issues or where they are doing well in order to help them design their own personal strategies to tackle any problems.

This exercise is the product of the summit on Lad Culture the NUS held in February of this year, which has shown that sexual harassment and violence were also very much related to ‘lad culture’.

Meg Lawrence, NUS Women’s Liberation Officer at the University of Exeter, says “The audit is extremely important in tackling lad culture on campus, which is something that we know exists from research and people’s personal experiences.

The #NeverOK campaign has been very successful in tackling all kinds of sexual harassment, but acknowledgement of problems that arise from lad culture by the NUS is very important.

This audit has coincided with our women’s liberation ‘Reclaim Your Campus’ Campaign, during which we have held events including a ‘sexism in the classroom’ talk, and a meet and greet. We want all women on campus to know that we are here for them should they have any problems.”

Niklas Rahmel, News Team

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