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National: King’s College London to Rebrand


Students at King’s College London are in uproar after it was revealed that the University is spending around £300,000 to change its name from King’s College London to ‘King’s London’.

The university will officially change its name in February.

According to an article published in Design Week in January, the university has been working with Saffron Brand Consultants on the rebranding procedure.

Speaking to the Times Higher Education, the Principal of King’s, Ed Byrne, defended the change, stating that it was “a very modest change similar to how several other large London universities are now presenting themselves”. However, he accepted that “many students and staff have an emotional connection to the term ‘college’”.

A spokesperson speaking to The Independent defended the decision by stating that “research revealed that our current name was causing considerable confusion with many prospective students and parents unclear whether King’s was a higher or further education institution and unaware of the academic breath and size of the university”.

“Staff, students and alumni were consulted through focus groups, interviews and surveys from 2012 to 2013 and their feedback was taken into consideration”.

This statement has however been disputed through a petition on the website Change.org, which has accumulated over 9,600 signatures at the time of writing, which is calling on the university to refrain from rebranding.

A First-Year Law Student at King’s informed Exeposé that the recent statement was the “first time I had heard about it”, again calling into doubt the legitimacy of the spokespersons statement.

Despite the rebranding, the university will keep the title of King’s College London for legal documents, academic citations and the awarding of degrees.

Theodore Stone, News Team

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