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Exeposé stands with Charlie Hebdo – Editorial


When the first shots were fired on the morning of the 7th of January a tragedy occurred, leading to mass vigils and powerful solidarity campaigns with the French satirical paper, Charlie Hedbo. The gunmen shot and killed 12 people, including the magazine’s editor and three of its cartoonists, as well as several police officers. This attack was the devastating response to a series of cartoons which lampooned the prophet Muhammad, a central but image-less figure in Islam. Charlie Hebdo, the French weekly, has a long history of publishing cartoons which mock and satirise key events, people and ideas, with its ability to do so protected by freedom of the press. Exeposé would like to express its deepest regrets that these events occurred and sends heartfelt commiserations to the families of all involved.

Vigils have taken place the world over, including the event we attended in Exeter today, with the Twitter hashtag #jesuischarlie trending constantly since the events took place. This global response makes clear that the tragic circumstances of these events will not be ignored: people must unite and strive to protect the freedoms we hold most dear. Freedom of the press is a right that has been paid for in blood and tears in the past, and this is a terrible reminder that we must continue to work for its preservation, through solidarity and peace.

From all at Exeposé we stand for freedom of the press and hope for brighter days ahead, against those who wish to curtail hard earned freedoms.


image credit: Laurent Cipriani on www.bristolpost.co.uk
image credit: Laurent Cipriani on www.bristolpost.co.uk
image credit: Emily Kerr
image credit: Emily Kerr

Exeposé Editors

Words, Callum Burroughs, Online Editor

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