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Games That Changed The Industry: Pokémon Red/Blue


Following swiftly on from the birth of Mario last time, next in Sam Brewer’s Games That Changed The Industry is another classic Nintendo title. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.


After Super Mario Bros. made an appearance in the last article in this series, you couldn’t possibly forgive me if the following game was not as impressive.


Everyone has heard of Pokémon, but back in 1996 the gameplay was transformative in its wide ranging appeal


But because I wanted to be the very best (I hope you appreciate that), I have picked the beginning of another of Nintendo’s star franchises: Pokémon. Like Mario, everyone knows what Pokémon is (even if that only means Pikachu), but more than Mario, Pokémon Red and Blue spawned a plethora of other media including cartoons and manga, in what can only be described as a cultural phenomenon.

That aside, you might ask why are these games so popular? Well, when released in 1996, the two original games followed the basic formula of catching Pokémon, (it’s my real test), training them (that’s my cause) and collecting gym badges before challenging the Elite Four to become the Pokémon champion.

The timeless turn-based combat remains popular today with the recent release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

It sounds familiar because if you’ve bought any of the other main sequence Pokémon games since then, you will have had largely the same experience. Pokémon as entities either tend to be too cute to brush off or so macho that you really did want to prove to the world that you could catch them.

Pokémon Red and Blue are not significant because of impressive graphics or great storylines, but because they gave gamers the chance to live an experience that they would want to relive again and again.

Beyond that however, they offered a simple storyline that could be understood by young children while giving the option to make things more complicated for those who wanted to replay the game over and over.

There were plenty of games that could have gone after Mario in this series, but Pokémon Red and Blue are here because they are two of the few games that have made such a long lasting impact alongside their Italian plumbing friend.


Sam Brewer
Games and Tech Columnist


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