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UCU advises members to boycott exam marking

Image credit: Times Higher Education
Image credit: Times Higher Education

Exams sat last week by Exeter students could have their marking disrupted, as UCU advises its members to begin a national marking boycott this Friday.

The boycott plans come during what has been labelled “an extremely unsettling time for students” in an email circulated by Professor Janice Kay, University Provost.

Last November the University and College Union called for a marking boycott in response to proposed changes to the national USS pension scheme. However, the boycott was later suspended awaiting further discussions between UCU and Universities UK.

The outcome of these discussions is set to be presented to the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) tomorrow – however, UCU has already advised its members to carry out the boycott, a move criticised by the University.

“We are disappointed by the decision,” states Kay in the email sent to all students, “firstly because of the potential impact this action will have on our students and, secondly, because the outcome of the discussions is not due to be presented to the JNC until 15 January.”

Kay stresses that the University’s“first priority is to minimise the potential impact of any industrial action on the marking of these exams,” adding: “we are still hopeful that a resolution to the dispute can be found at the JNC meeting on 15 January.”

Hannah Butler, News Editor.

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