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How to make the perfect new year’s resolution


Stephanie Parrott shares her ten top tips on how to make the perfect new year’s resolution and gives us her top tips to make sure you don’t end up breaking it…..

So 2015 has arrived, along with plans for our new years’ resolutions. Whether it’s to do with health, fitness, work ethic, diet, or image, a new years’ resolution seems like the perfect way to create a new, better you for the start of the year. The problem is, although a resolution is something that nearly everyone makes, practically no one keeps them. Statistics show that only one in ten of us will actually reach our goal and complete our new year’s resolution… so how do we make sure that we are that person? In ten simple steps…


  1. Break down your resolution

If you split the overall goal for your resolution into smaller targets, they are more easily accomplished giving you a greater sense of achievement and the motivation to keep going. Each time you complete a smaller goal, you’re one step closer to fulfilling your new year’s resolution and therefore one step closer to where you want to be.


  1. Turn it into a habit

Think about what you want to achieve, what your resolution is and how it will help you, and then make it a part of your every day life. Making your resolution a habit means that it will come naturally, and sooner or later you won’t even have to think it. This means that instead of it being a conscious decision that you have to remember to make or not make, your resolution will just become a part of your day.


  1. Make a plan

    Image Credit: She knows
    Image Credit: She knows

Planning is a huge part of keeping new year’s resolutions, you need to think about how it can be achieved and what steps you are going to take to get where you want to be. If you know exactly how you are going to accomplish your goal then it won’t be such a big mountain to climb, you’ll be ready for whatever challenge comes your way and before you know it, your new year’s resolution will just be a part of the new you.


  1. Stay motivated

If you’ve made your resolution for the sake of having a resolution and don’t 100% want to achieve it, then you never will. Changes and improvements are not made by will-power alone, despite this being a huge factor, actual effort, time and work needs to be put into getting where you want to be.


  1. Think positively

If you spend your time thinking about the downsides of not reaching your goal, then you’re already three steps back from even starting it, let alone completing it. Focus on the good that will come out of it, how much better you’ll feel knowing you’ve stuck to it and the sense of accomplishment that you know you’re going to feel when your new year’s resolution becomes the new you of 2015.


  1. Remember, fantasizing isn’t enough

    Image Credit: She knows
    Image Credit: She knows

A picture of a Victoria’s Secret model as your background is not going to make you lose weight, just like going to the gym once won’t get you fitter… the harder you work, the better you’ll feel and the closer you’ll get to completing your resolution. There’s no point talking about what you’re going to achieve this year and how you’re going to do it if you don’t put the words into actions… we’ll believe it when we see it, so get to work!



7. Keep it limited

Overdoing it with too many resolutions will cause confusion, stress and will end up with half achievements, giving up, or failure. Stick to one or, at minimum, a couple of resolutions which are achievable and will help you in the long run. Moreover chances of success are greater if your energy is channeled into one thing that you really want, instead of being widely spread.


  1. Talk to people

Tell friends and family what your goals are and what you’re looking to achieve. With the support and help of those who care, you are more likely to succeed, especially if they have tips and motivational comments to keep you going. Also… if everyone knows about your resolution, they’ll also know when you don’t achieve it or when you give up, so you have no choice but to keep working!


  1. Reward yourself

Once you’ve broken your resolution up into smaller goals, reward yourself each time one of them is achieved. By treating yourself, you’re also motivating yourself to keep going and to reach the next small goal where another reward is waiting. This will bring you closer and closer to achieving your actual full resolution.

       10. Persevere

You will revert back to old habits from time to time… don’t treat this as a failure, simply a minor setback that can be overcome by two steps forward the next day. Just remember, if you give up at the first hurdle, you’ll never make it across the finish line!


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