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Green leader talk draws record student numbers


Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, attracted an audience of approximately 650 people when she spoke on campus last Wednesday.

The leader told the packed Forum Auditorium: “You may have just beaten the record attendance for a Green Party event at a University.”

In addition to the auditorium crowd XTV were broadcasting the event to a further 612 viewers, including the Forum Exploration Lab and other seminar rooms filled with people unable to fit in the lecture space.

Bennett spoke to the audience about her party’s policy before answering questions on a variety of subjects from nuclear armament to the price of alcohol.

Joe Levy, Publicity Officer for The Green Party Society, said of the event: We could not possibly have anticipated how big the talk was going to be, but an estimated 650 people turned up and six overflow rooms were filled. Pictures of the queues went all over twitter and we trended thirdly nationally, which is just such an incredible and overwhelming  achievement for us as a new society.”

It was reported that on the day 2,000 people became members of the Green Party in 24 hours.

It also was announced on Thursday 15 January that Green Party membership had overtaken that of UKIP and the Liberal Democrats.

Diana Moore, Green Parliamentary Candidate in Exeter, said: “The response of the young audience to Natalie’s message was instant – prompting debate, with the event trending on twitter and resulted in many joining the Green Party or the Green Society at the University on the spot.”

Emily Leahy, News Editor

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