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Review: Celebrity Big Brother 2015


Online Comment Editor James Pidduck tells us why the scandal, voyeurism, and gobby contestants of this series of CBB are just so addictive. 

When I mention to others that I’m hooked on the latest offering from Britain’s most notorious house, I’m not met with the greatest of enthusiasm. More fool you, I say. Get off your high horse and get stuck into some delicious drama, perfect to soothe even the most ravenous of appetites.

For this series of Celebrity Big Brother has served up the scandal by the bucket-load: there’s a reason why it’s dominating Daily Mail’s ‘sidebar of shame’, folks. While some scenes have made for controversial viewing – with the removal of two housemates by Day 6, and the recent walk-out of a third – it has become apparent that this is the most high-octane and tense CBB we’ve seen in a while, if ever.

Image Credit: Reality Box
Image Credit: Reality Box

No longer a home, this infamous residency appears to be transforming into a halfway house to the underworld, where the evil dragon of Perez Hilton sleeps at the gates. Yes, I would rather burn the building to the ground than share a house with this man. Undoubtedly the force of nature stirring the pot (at a rate so fast and aggressive, said pot is now shattered in pieces), this unstable diva has definitely brought in the viewing figures, whilst a gobby Katie Hopkins and some mouthy others have ensured that each episode is not to be missed. Add in a certain Katie Price, and this series has become the perfect antidote to the dreary 9-5 of every Heat Magazine subscriber in the land.

The beauty of Big Brother is that it fulfils our (unsavoury) human desire to bitch and judge and moan – something we especially love to inflict upon the celebrity world. Unlike the escapades of Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side or the inter-house politics of Game of Thrones, the calamity, conniving and commotion exploding on our screens here is all genuine. And what’s better than fictional drama? Real drama, of course.

Admittedly, Celebrity Big Brother has had times where it fluctuates between mundane and monotonous, but when Channel 5 casts its flagship show just right, there’s not much else to do.

Get that reserved sign on the couch and settle down opposite the tellybox at 9pm nightly. Just don’t come running to me when you get addicted.

James Pidduck

Online Comment Editor

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