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£2m gift to aid scientific advancement at Exeter


The University has received a gift of £2 million from independent charity The Wolfson Foundation towards the Living Systems Institute currently under construction on Streatham campus.

The gift represents their largest award granted in 2014 and marks the latest in a long history of contributions from the charity aimed at promoting the advancement of science at the university.

Pioneering a new approach to treating the world’s most serious diseases, the £52.5 million project is the single largest investment in science in the University’s history.

With an emphasis on fostering innovative interdisciplinary research, the institute will bring together 200 cell and molecular biologists, mathematicians, physicists, biomedical scientists and engineers to investigate the fundamental cellular processes underlying human and plant disease. This will inform more effective treatment for some of the most severe diseases facing humanity, such as chronic neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzhemier’s.

Chief Executive of The Wolfson Foundation, Paul Ramsbottom said: “The Wolfson Foundation supports excellence and so we are delighted to make this exceptional grant to the University of Exeter in support of establishing a new Living Systems Institute.”

The charity has played a vital role in the development of science at Exeter, providing investment of £6.4 million since 1966 in both capital infrastructure and academic staff.

University Vice-chancellor Sir Steve Smith added “the funding of scientific research in universities is absolutely critical to the future of the UK so that we can continue to attract the brightest minds from around the world.”

The Living Systems Institute, located between the Geoffrey Pope and Laver buildings, is expected to be operational in autumn 2016.

Charlie Dowden, News Team 

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