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Beating the January blues the Lifestyle way


Two Exeposé  writers tell us why January isn’t as bad as you think….

January’s great, because it’s rubbish. Call me a pessimist, but January is the best month of the year. For a start, waking up to a sharp, freezing frosty winter’s morning is one of life’s great pleasures, along with curling up in bed or on a sofa with a cup of tea and a book. But these are clichés. These reasons for liking winter are the stuff of forced conversation on the way to a 9am lecture. There is another reason for January being the best month: it’s not the summer. Most would agree that the worst time of the year is the moment you realise your summer is over; that moment you have to pack your bags and fly home from whichever corner of the world you’ve whisked yourself away to and come face to face with a new academic year and more depressingly, winter.

By January, we are at the bottom of a trough on a continuous graph. Yes, the year’s as rubbish as it gets, but that’s exactly the point – it’s only up from here. Besides, as I write this, the days have been getting longer and lighter for about a month already, and we have everything to look forward to. In the same way that the anticipation and build up to a good party, or a good meal, or a good holiday is often more enjoyable than the event itself, so it is with

Image Credit: GoPixPix
Image Credit: GoPixPix

summer. From now until June we look forward to it, and from June to September we enjoy it, until we start looking forward to January again. So the next time you complain about us being in the deepest, darkest depths of winter, just remember how you would feel if winter was just beginning, and instead think of what’s to come – that’s the real time to feel miserable.

Alex Armytage, Lifestyle writer


Elizabeth Menshikova shares her top tips for beating the January blues…

Everyone loves the buzz every new year gives us with its promises, plans and resolutions. You are excited about meeting new people, looking forward to the trips you have planned for the Easter holidays and watching new movies (Fifty Shades of Grey or The Theory of Everything – you decide). And then, all of a sudden, it’s the first of January. Here we go. Freezing? Check. Rainy? Check. Dark 20 hours a day? Check again. And there is no Christmas market and no one is serving mulled wine anymore. I am sure we are all in the same boat here so I would like to share some mood-boosting strategies with you.

  1. Get to the gym
    As a total sport addict, I have to start with this point. Sport is a cure for all. Endorphins and all that. Not a gym bunny? Good news! You do not have to spend countless hours on a treadmill to feel better! You can go climbing with you friends, cycling at the Quay or just have a long walk with your loved one, watching the sunset (ew).
  2. Invest in your “happiness fund
    Image Credit: Dailyprincetonian

    I, just like every other girl out there, do believe in retail therapy. Who would not like a Dior lipstick that Victoria Beckham has or that new Pandora charm? However, although you get a fab feeling when you buy something, that feeling vanishes pretty fast. So spend money on experiences instead, and you can double your happiness! Go see your favourite singer, take up a music lesson, or just have that huge pizza with your besties at the Waterfront!

  3. Buddy moments
    Try not to hibernate like a bear, as socializing is a very powerful way t fight those January blues! Set at least half an hour each day for a “get together” session – you can go to Starbucks with your course mate or dig out those warm woollen mittens and go ice-skating with that person you have been texting for the whole festive period (wink).
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