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We caught up with EULC Men’s 1s Co-Captain Mike Barcley before the second half of the season begins:

HAVE the EULC Men’s 1s had a successful first half of the season?

We got off to a really strong start to the season, winning our first seven games and moving to the top of the table. Unfortunately, we were unable to come away with three points in the return fixture at Oxford, and that loss combined with an administrative penalty of one point has left us sitting in second place.


What has been the highlight of the season so far?

The highlight of the season, for me, has to be beating Oxford at home in a top of the table clash. We knew that they were our main title rivals having picked up some high quality players out of London clubs and the States. To take three points away from an in-credibly close home fixture whilst being cheered on by our supporters was an amazing feeling.


Who are the players to look out for in your upcoming games?

Californian defenseman Christopher Adams (a.k.a ‘Crow’) is a big part of what has given us such a tight defense this season and can always be relied upon to put in some big hits whenever needed. From an offensive point of view, Ciaran ‘Riggins’ Brown is a guy who can really turn it on and come up with big individual goals to get the team firing.

Exeter Men's Lacrosse Club. Image Credits: EULC
Exeter Men’s Lacrosse Club. Image Credits: EULC


What are you training for at the moment?

Well we have two league games left, finishing with Bristol away which is a fixture I look forward to every sea-son with the rivalry making sure it’s always a fiery contest, and there’s nothing sweeter than beating your fiercest rivals in their own back yard! Then we will focus on the play-offs and against some of the lacrosse powerhouse universities from the North.


What is your favourite part of the sport and EULC?

I love the chemistry we have within the team, we all get along both on and off the field so team socials are always a good laugh. The club itself has such a great mix of people, there’s genuinely something for everyone, and I think that really makes Wednesday night the best night of the week!


Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I like to have a relaxing morning up until a few hours before the game, when I tend to stick on some Rise Against and get myself pumped up for face-off. Immediately before we head out to the pitches, I tend to sit down in the changing rooms and focus on what I need to do to help get the win.


What are your aspirations for after university?

My dream of male modelling seems to be falling a bit flat, so right now I am just hoping that I can somehow stumble into a grad job before I’m forced to take out more loans and do another masters!

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