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New Year, New You?


Emily Kerr gives us her guide to reducing those BIG resolutions into some more manageable ones, so that your year can get off to a kind of positive start….

It’s that time of year again, everyone pledges to be a whole new person as the date changes by one number. Many of us vow to go on an intensive diet, to lock ourselves away in the library, even not to touch alcohol again, ever. We all strive to have that Elsa moment, to slam the door (in the sassiest way possible) on last year’s mistakes. As the New Year rolls in it’s impossible not to feel like you have the power to do anything; take up skydiving, run a marathon, learn a new language. As we drag our feet through January however, the resolutions made in that one moment of alcohol induced invincibility seem all the more impossible to achieve. After the first month, the Portuguese dictionary is under the bed, alongside an empty dominos pizza box – strategically placed in order to cover up a new pair of trainers. The large goals set on that one blurry night only lead to a feeling of incapability as February hits. Why not tackle this problem at its root? Just make your resolutions a bit simpler for yourself in the first place.

  1. Go on a diet Actually share your ‘share packs’
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One of the most popular resolutions is to slim down as we enter a new year. Diets are challenging to maintain, why not make your target more realistic? Nobody is under any illusions, we all know ‘share packs’ might as well be called ‘all-to-myself packs’. Although selecting a ‘fun-sized’ chocolate bar is about as thrilling as watching a contestant win ‘The Chase’, at least there are boundaries. Now’s the time to start splitting sharing bags with your housemates (every so often), you can do it. Apparently chocolate tastes sweeter when shared.

  1. Be more organised Get out of your pyjamas by mid-afternoon
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This is by far the toughest challenge, but lazing around in your pyjamas all day is a habit which needs to be put to bed. You can’t follow your dreams (or at least make lunch) if you remain trapped under the duvet. It’s time to seize the day and get up and go…downstairs at least.

  1. Work harder Spend less time procrastinating
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It’s understandable, everyone needs to know whether they’re Beyoncé’s soul sister or if they would have been a Viking in their past life, but there are limits. Resist the urge. Fight the need for buzzfeed. After the third time of taking that online quiz and still getting the undesired answer, can’t the internet be blamed for not knowing you and Taylor Swift were separated at birth?

  1. Spend more time with your family Throw away your Monopoly set
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A family game of Monopoly never ends well. The moment you begin to argue over who gets to be the dog, it all goes downhill. Nobody wants to know that their brother has a secret ruthless side, or that their sister is prepared to make them mortgage every last property before she relishes her sweet victory. Just say no. Without this game in your house, your family life will be the epitome of happiness.

Whatever it is, from finally unpacking your suitcase, to going for a run every other week, make your goals possible to complete. They may not spark a revolution, but now’s the time to scale down your resolutions! New year, new me brand of tea.

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