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The Ten Most Highly Anticipated Albums of the Year


Your friendly neighbourhood Online Music Editors stuck their heads together and hand-picked their most highly anticipated albums of 2015.


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Lewis Norman


  • Tame Impala

In 2012, Tame Impala dropped Lonerism – a gorgeous post-psychedelic trip that was tantalising to listen to. With collaborations with Mark Ronson out of the way, Tame Impala have announced plans to release their third album later this year. Given Kevin Parker’s genius outputs of late, I have very high expectations.


  • The Libertines

The Libertines grabbed the world by the bollocks in 2014 with their sudden reunion and career-defining performance at Hyde Park which will forever be one of my most fond highlights of the year. Now, with Doherty out of rehab and supposed new material, when are we going to hear the long-awaited follow-up to 2004’s The Libertines?


  • Radiohead

2011’s The King of Limbs was not exactly released in the most traditional of ways so we will never really know whether a new Radiohead album will see the light of day this year. That said, Radiohead have been chucking out new material all the time so surely it is time for a follow-up? All I know is that whatever they decide to do, we won’t see it coming.


  • Django Django

Django Django have been quiet for a long time now since the overwhelming success of their self-titled debut back in 2015. However, earlier this month they dropped the fantastic ‘First Light’, a brilliant track that harkens back to their indie-pop roots with a subtle dark undertone. Bring it.


  • Muse

Ever since 2006’s Black Holes and Revelations, stadium heavyweights Muse have been disappointingly beige. There were moments of promise and glory in their past two albums but nothing even comparable to their mid-2000’s outputs. Flamboyant frontman Matt Bellamy claims that the upcoming album will be more stripped back, reflecting on their earlier work and I believe him. This is one to get excited about.


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Pavel Kondov


  • Faith No More

Mike Patton and co. have a habit of not disappointing, and I will even forgive them the joke of a single that was ‘Motherfucker’ if they grace us with a tour.


  • Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

Chris Martin said it was gonna be their last, so it can’t come soon enough. Alright, alright, upon repeated listens Ghost Stories was sort of okay.




  • Deftones

They’ve been maturing like fine wine ever since their creation, and 2012’s Koi No Yokan was a testament to that. I expect a lot.


  • Bring Me The Horizon

After the fantastic Sempiternal and a promising new single, I can only guess how they will surprise us this time. Whatever they do, my bet is it will be huge.


  • Tool





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