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Enchanted Group pledge to improve safety at EGB


The Enchanted Group have released a statement regarding safety at the upcoming Enchanted Garden Ball following last year’s “shambolic” queuing system that saw ambulances called.

Improvements include drafting in a team of event travel specialists who have worked at Glastonbury alongside a new coach company and changes to the layout of the event. A new steward system will also be bought in to help manage the crowds.

The Group confirmed in the statement it is making attempts to be able to run the event later into the night.

One resident of Crediton expressed concern at the Group’s application to be able to extend the event past last year’s closing time, but the group replied “we will be holding meetings with local authorities, as well and members of the Crediton community” to discuss the management of noise.

The event is scheduled on the Group’s Facebook page for 6 June which promises a fun-fair alongside various entertainment areas including ‘The GlitterBallRoom’, a karaoke bar and a ‘Cozy Caravan Photo Booth’.

Monday’s statement came after last year’s events that saw students waiting up to two hours for a coach home. There were also reports of students being trapped in an ill-managed queue and ambulances being called for those injured by the crowds.

One student said at the time “I was trapped in a mass of people; it was very claustrophobic and cold. People were being really rowdy, singing, pushing, spitting and being sick. I was told that when I fainted it was hard to get me out of the crowd and there were not enough paramedics to give me any medical attention.”

The Enchanted Group apologised over Facebook to “all those that experienced lengthy delays” and stressed “Student safety and welfare is our upmost priority and whilst our event management plans were reviewed by all relevant authorities ahead of the Enchanted Garden Ball, changes will be made for future events.”

One third year student said: “Last year was a complete nightmare. It’s good to see the Enchanted Group have seen that something needs to be done. I hope that it works in practice, but I probably won’t go back after what happened last year.”

Gemma Joyce, Editor

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