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Students vote to show solidarity with Warwick


 A Student Idea to hold a solidarity protest in support of Warwick University students who clashed with police whilst protesting rising tuition fees and management wages has been submitted to the Guild Council for consideration.

The incident in question occurred on 3 December last year when police were called to a sit-in at Warwick University’s Senate House after University staff had reported a ‘shocking and unprovoked act of violence’ by one of the demonstrators. The conduct of the responding officers has been called into question, with claims that excessive force had been used against the protesters.

Amateur footage from the protest shows police officers using CS spray and tackling students to the ground. West Midlands Police later posted a statement on their official Twitter account admitting that a taser had also been drawn by one of their officers, but that it had not been deployed. The sit-in was part of a wider movement of demonstrations taking place across the country against the rising costs of education.

The proposal, submitted through the Student Ideas section of the Guild’s website was met with a largely positive response, with 39 students ‘strongly agreeing’ with the idea, ten ‘agreeing’, three ‘disagreeing’ and eight ‘strongly disagreeing’. There were also four ‘neutral’ and two ‘confused’ votes cast.

Matt Bate, VP Activities, said: “The Students’ Guild exists to represent the views of our members and, on this occasion, they have voted strongly for the Students’ Guild to take up a position of solidarity with students at the University of Warwick. This idea will now go to Guild Council for possible next steps to be considered.”

Olly Walrond, News Team

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