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Cornwall student to take part in expedition to Peru


Student Christopher Beirne, from Exeter’s Cornwall campus, will be travelling to Peru with a group of ecologists in an effort to save the wildlife.

Beirne, who completed his PhD theses in ecology and conservation, is one of the driving forces behind the expedition, and joins a team of others from across the UK and Peru.

The team will spend six weeks in the Sira Communal Reserve in the Western Amazon, surveying amphibious communities and monitoring the critically endangered curassow, a bird only found in that region. The Royal Geographical Society’s Neville Shulman Award has provided funding to cover the core expedition costs.

Meanwhile, a Crowdfunder campaign was set up by the team in an effort to raise a further £4000. As of the 19th January, they have been able to raise £2495 which will be used to buy camera traps for monitoring the Sira curassow.

In their Crowdfunder bid, the team said: “The information gathered will allow us to determine if the population is growing, shrinking or remaining stable through time.

“If evidence of the presence of species of conservation importance are detected, such as the Andean bear or short-eared dog, it would lend weight to increasing the protected status of this unique area.”

Christopher commented: “We are both incredibly passionate about the Amazon rainforest, and collectively have over eight years experience working there.”

To find out more and donate, click here.

Giorgi Mamuzelos, News Team

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