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Exeter Blogs for Bookies


If you feel your creative inspiration is disappearing with January blues, have a look at these blogs written by your fellow Exeter students! Click on the name or the picture to be taken away to their blog


Sophie Harrison – ‘Writing Possibility’

Sophie is an English student and Online Books Editor for Exepose. She blogs about lifestyle and diabetes, but with an ever dectable literary edge – this ranges from book themed decor to uplifting quotes by her favourite writers. She also uploads her own original poetry. Her blog name is inspired by a line of poetry from Emily Dickinson ‘I dwell in possibility’.



Christy Ku – ‘Kukadoodles’

Christy is a second year English student, President of the Creative Writing Society and the other Online Books editor at Exepose. Her blog name is derived from a childhood nickname, and she posts regular updates on how her writing is going, writing advice, photography and thoughts on creativity.



Peter Tse – ‘Hummings of the Mind’ 

Peter studies English at our uni and uses his blog for a variety of topics. He posts about current affairs and politics, as well as writing book reviews and original poetry and short stories.



Charley Robson – ‘Charley R’s Leaning Tower of Plot’

Charley Robson, NaNoWriMo veteran and published author, often comments on diversity in writing such as race diversity, feminism-related diversity and LGBTQ issues. She also blogs about lighter issues, discussing the how to’s of storytelling, the role of the author and the other nuts and bolts of writing.



Thomas Ffiske – ‘Science Fracture’

Thomas is the President of the Literature Society and keeps a general blog which looks at a range of topics including video games, history and, of course, literature. He comments on subjects such as the rise of the short story as well as writing book reviews.





Nia Morais – ‘Tell Me Muse’

Nia’s Tumblr is a poetry blog. She uses it as a platform to post her own work, reblog other’s creative writing and collects posts that inspire her. She also focuses on mythology and classical literature, so if you’re looking for something to spark your creativity, check it out!


Do you have any blogs you want to share with us? We’d love to do another article showcasing bloggers – please  comment below or write to us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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