Home News Student experienced sexual assault and had “no idea who to speak to”.

Student experienced sexual assault and had “no idea who to speak to”.


An Exeter student has confessed that she was threatened with sexual violence in her first month at university.

Speaking anonymously to the Telegraph, the 18-year-old said she had “no idea who to speak to” and “didn’t trust officials” to deal with it.

She reveals that a drunken student entered her room at 3am, and refused to leave, saying, “I’m going to have sex with you, you’re a slut”. On another occasion, he locked her in her room and said, “Bend over, I’m going to rape you.” She was only released when other students heard her banging on the door to let her out.

Image credit: exeterguild.org
Image credit: exeterguild.org

The student says that it was a common “joke” following Freshers’ Week, where male students would rip the covers off sleeping female students.

She says she was too scared and worried about reporting the incidents.

Kate Hawkins, VP Welfare and Diversity said, “The Students’ Guild takes student welfare extremely seriously and I urge any students to report sexual harassment, assault and bullying.”

“In addition to the support services provided by the University, the Students’ Guild Advice Unit can support any students experiencing this or any other distressing behaviour. The friendly team will speak to any student in confidence to provide a listening ear, guidance on next steps , signposting to appropriate services, and support through any formal processes.”

Image credit: Express and Echo
Image credit: Express and Echo

According to statistics, one in three female students experience sexual assault, and 97% per cent do not report the assault to their university.

44% per cent said they did not report the assault because they did not think university would do anything if they reported it.

The #NeverOk campaign was launched last year by Kate, as well as Guild President, Rachael Gillies, which aims to help students and prevent sexual harassment. To find out more, click here.

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