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Monday Night Face-Off: Mosaic vs. Arena



Third-year party princesses Lucy Herbert and Georgia Hill enter the ring and fight it out over one of Exeter’s most controversial questions – which Monday night out is better, Mosaic or Arena? With Lucy in the Mosaic corner and Georgia defending Arena, who will come out on top?


Team Mosaic

Dedicated since Freshers - Lucy (centre) in her natural habitat
Dedicated since Freshers – Lucy (centre) in her natural habitat

As a Dirty Girl who likes Dirty Beats, Mosaic runs in my blood. When Monday comes knocking, my mantra is all about get glammed up with the gals and sipping on my vodka/squash concoction at pres – a drink I’ve termed ‘squadka’, which I would like to trademark from this day forth.

The proof of Moz’s supremacy is all there in the night’s title: this night is the essential 4play to any week at uni. Miss Moz, and you’re missing out.

For this penthouse of pleasure (the 3rd floor) is full of Exeter’s fittest and finest students, myself included. To those who complain about all the stairs and floors of Moz, just see it as burning off the calories you’re consuming with each lap you do. It’s why we’re all so good-looking, honey.

Yes, Monday Mosaic is the playground for the elite – except here we’re sipping on VKs not Capri Suns, and the kiss-chase has been cranked up a notch or two. While the dancefloor itself may be small, your expectations should be nothing but large – this is the place to be come Monday eve.

lucy moz 2
Lucy in her element #DirtyGirlDirtyBeat

Put your trust in your sense of smell and the choice should be obvious. I am of course referring to that smell of Arena, enough to make even the strongest of stomachs wretch in disgust. Not for me, thank you! In Mosaic you’re head of the table at the feast; in Arena, you’re smelling the farmyard where it was sourced – quite literally.

Compared to the barricaded make-shift smoking area of Arena, at Mosaic you’re treated to what can only be described as a luxury roof garden, able to sip ‘n’ smoke in peace and engage in some flirty conversation. Forget what the Career Zone is telling you, this is the only place to network in Exe.

Monday Moz is a night of class and indulgence. The décor inside transports you to the clubs of South Kensington, while Arena is a crumbling mess. Mosaic knows how to treat its punters, evident from its new toilet attendant in the girls toilets – there’s nothing I like more than a spray of perfume and a lolly in hand as I strut back to the boys.

So burn your Arena card (who uses them anyway?) and get down to Monday Mosaic, folks – you won’t regret it.


Team Arena

Georgia (right) getting dirty at Chrimbo
Georgia (right) getting dirty at Chrimbo

If you identify yourself as a Dirty Sexy Person, Monday Arena is the only arena for you. This notorious Exeter venue quite literally blows the roof off… While some might claim this infamous incident to be proof that Arena is falling apart, I say it’s undeniable evidence of its dedication to the party, relentless in its pursuit of tequila-fuelled revelry despite the surrounding chaos.

Unlike the downsized version in Mosaic, Arena provides an actual dancefloor to flex your muscles and perfect your moves upon, with raised podiums to mount and even rails to twerk on if that’s your style… Plus it’s all on one level, meaning there’s no need to strap your trainers on and search high and low if you lose your friends like when in Moz.

Arena also trumps Monday Moz when it comes to the food and drink department. With cheap drinks (one word – jungbomb) and an array of top-quality restaurants on its doorstep – Subway, Dominos, MegaKebab, that burger van – it’s unquestionable that Arena really is the gift that keeps on giving.

The only Original Sin in this world is attending Mosaic. Its interior is a maze – a labyrinth of stairs, levels and exits that the drunken individual shouldn’t have to contend with – and don’t get me started on the queues, where the unsuspecting student is met upon entry with another queue for the upstairs D-Floor. You’re queueing for a queue, people! Sneaky Moz.

#DirtySexyPeople. (And yes, that is Moz-defender Lucy in the centre - what a traitor.)
Georgia (left) representing all #DirtySexyPeople. (And yes, that is Moz-defender Lucy in the centre – what a traitor.)

In comparison, Arena is the embodiment of convenience. Tickets for Monday can be bought online or through reps so you can turn up after the sun has actually set, not at some obscurely early hour like those gathering around Mosaic. Arena’s prime location also means it’s closer to the majority of 2nd and 3rd year houses – basically, you can pre till 10:45pm then wander on down with no hassle. What was that Mosiac? 9:30pm queueing, you say?

To those who foolishly claim Mosaic to be the classiest night in town, how classy can a night really be when it’s 2 doors down from the deep-fat fryers of The Golden Horn, and opposite the graveyard that is Rococos? Plus, my ideal night out doesn’t quite entail navigating through the flashing of debit cards and a sea of snapbacks at all turns.

One thing is for sure, though – Monday Arena is the place to be. Once you’re snapped holding that ‘#GetDirty’ sign, you know you’ve made it. Don’t miss out.



Lucy Herbert, Georgia Hill & James Pidduck

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