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1. Nokia threatens to sue small tech company over the word ‘Here’


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Nokia’s brand of navigation and map apps and software bears the same same to that of Lowdown’s “Here” function.


Nokia has threatened to sue the development company Lowdown over their use of the word ‘Here’. Lowdown are developers of “Lodownapp”, a PA app that allows users to notify their friends when they have arrived at a location through a function called “Here” (something the company have also released in a standalone app). However, Nokia have claimed that the “Here” function bears the name of their brand of mapping and navigation apps and software range, and have therefore threatened to sue Lowdown over the use of the word. Nokia claims the Function and App produced by Lowdown will reduce interest for their software, but a spokesperson for Lowdown expressed incredulity at the idea of a tech-giant of Nokia’s size being seriously threatened by a small software company. The same spokesperson stated that the standalone app for the “Here” function has been removed from the market, but that the company was seeking legal advice on the use of the function in its other app.


2. Scientists develop technology to unboil eggs


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The newly discovered process will be extremely valuable to the Biotech industry, potential saving billions of dollars.


Researchers at the University of California Irvine have created a device that can theoretically allow one to reverse the process of boiling an egg. The device works by untangling molecular proteins in eggs that are tangled up and disordered (in other words denatured) by the process of boiling and restructuring them into their original state. This process can return an egg to its normal state, but also has other applications. Biotech companies will be able to use the process to restructure proteins of all kinds, clean equipment effectively and reuse materials that had hitherto ended up as waste, saving the biotech industry an estimated $160 billion.


3. Qantas to trial virtual reality entertainment software for first class passengers


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The Samsung Gear VR will be given to first class passengers on Qantas flights to provide a new flying experience, or just irritate the other passengers.


Australian air giant QANTAS have teamed up with Samsung to provide virtual reality headsets to their First Class passengers to provide them with new experiences during their flight. The airline said the headset would provide their passengers with new experiences, such as virtual tours of their Los Angeles lounge and other virtual reality simulations, including films. However, at this stage experts have questioned how much content the headsets could actually provide for passengers. Also argued is that the headsets will make the flight unpleasant for those sitting next to the headset wearers, as well as how safe they are likely to be, as virtual reality makes the wearer unaware of their surroundings.



4. Sky to launch a mobile phone service


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Sky has teamed up with O2’s parent company Telefonica to launch a new mobile phone service, coming at an auspicious time in the telecom industry.


Broadcast company Sky has announced that it will be launching a mobile phone service in partnership with O2’s parent company Telefonica. Sky has announced its intention into moving into “quad play”, by adding mobile to its existing internet, landline and TV services. Sky, which is presently in more than 10 million homes across the country, has a successful history with selling multiple services and the new plan has been lauded by investors and experts. It comes at an auspicious time for the telecom industry, as BT plans to buy out EE and O2 is to be sold to Hutchison Whampoa.


5. Mouse Guard RPG to get a second edition


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Mouse Guard, the 2009 roleplaying game, will be released as a second edition after receiving critical acclaim.


The popular RPG Mouse Guard, based on the comic series by David Peterson, is getting a second edition printed. It has been four years since the first edition of the game, where you play as a created character in the universe of the Mouse Guard rangers, was expanded and many had assumed the series was finished. Now, publishers Archaia Entertainment have announced that the second edition will be released in April. The RPG was well received by fans, winning the Origin Award for Best Roleplaying Game upon its release in 2009.



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