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Sabb Election Results


A tough week of campaigning culminated in the results ceremony in DH1. All candidates had worked incredibly hard throughout the week and should be admired for their determination and dedication.


The results were as follows:

AU President – Jack Bristow won with 1986 votes, beating Josie Vickers (runner up with 1822 votes), Charlie Witworth (eliminated second), Bronwyn McLean (eliminated first) to the position.

VP Education – Bethan Jones won with 2176 votes, beating Charlie Evans (runner up with 1781), George Flower (eliminated third), Joe Levy (eliminated second) and Shumi Kadir (eliminated first) to the position.

VP Activities – Katie O’Connor won with 2283 votes, beating Kwasi Yeboah (runner up with 1845 votes), John Chilvers (eliminated third), Nik Rahmel (eliminated second), and Sam Johnson (eliminated first) to the position.

VP Welfare and Diversity – Naomi Armstrong won with 2351 votes, beating Meg Lawrence (runner up with 1523 votes), Harry Hancock (eliminated second) and Josh Creek (eliminated first) to the position.

Guild President – Laura-Jane Tiley won with 2691 votes, beating Callum Kumar-Shaw (runner up with 2163 votes), Maria Finnerty (eliminated third), Henry Care (eliminated second) and Petra Jones (eliminated first) to the position.

International Officer – Ben Tao won with 1456 votes, beating Iris Ho (runner up with 1431 votes), Nandini Ahuja (eliminated second) and Shirin Shushtarian (eliminated first).

Student Trustee – Jack Caulfield, Richard Griffiths, Will Short and Rob Cross won, beating Kane Davis, Pavel Kondov, Amoe Mkwena, Johannes Neumann, and Anna Popova to the position.


Sabbies were awarded to:

Most supportive campaign team member – Fran Lowe

Best branding of campaign – Hannah Peck, Naomi Armstrong’s campaign manager

Most engaging game or event – Josie Vickers’ campaign team

Most engaged campaign team member – Deepak Bhagat

Most innovative campaign – Joe Levy campaign team

Star performer – Elliot Delahaye

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the runners up. We hope that the winners will make good on their pledges and promises and continue the Guild’s good work over the coming year. Thank you to all who have been involved in our election coverage, we massively appreciate your efforts.

Callum Burroughs, Online Editor and Kayley Gilbert, Online Features Editor

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