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LJT wins Guild President amid huge turnout


A record-breaking Sabbatical election saw Laura–Jane Tiley elected Guild President, after winning by 528 votes on Friday evening.

Tiley will be joined by an all-female team of Sabbatical Officers, made up of Bethan Jones, VP Education, who won by 395 votes; Katie O’Connor, VP Activities, who won by 438 votes; and Naomi Armstrong VP Welfare & Diversity, who won by 828 votes.

Meanwhile, Jack Bristow was named AU President, after beating Josie Vickers by 154 votes in the tightest category of the elections.


This year saw 42.16 per cent of the overall student body voting, beating last year’s figures by over 6 per cent. With 7,431 students voting last week, the turnout easily beat the 40 per cent target thanks to a surge in voters on Friday. The numbers are the highest in recent history at Exeter, though it is not thought to be a national record, despite some reports suggesting otherwise.

Also elected on the night was Ben Tao as International Officer, while Will Short, Rob Cross, Richard Griffiths and Jack Caulfield became the Guild’s new Student Trustees.

According to Guild statistics, 37.5 per cent of voters this year were first year students, closely followed by second years with 32.2 per cent, while third years totalled 25.8 per cent.

The figures also revealed that 57.3 per cent of the electorate were female, while only 42.7 per cent were male.

Classics had the largest percentage of voters per subject, followed by History. Meanwhile, Economics had the largest number of voters, followed by Law.

Friday saw the biggest number of votes all week, with 2,963 people casting their vote.

In her winning speech Tiley said: ““I’m so proud of everything everyone has achieved this week and I just want to thank you so much to everyone that voted. All of the candidates have been so amazing and so supportive.”

Speaking about the election, Rachael Gillies, the current Guild President, said: “The strong turnout at this year’s Sabbatical Election is further proof of the strong concern Exeter students have for their university experience, for the future, and for politics. I am immensely proud of all our voters and candidates and congratulate the new Sabb team on behalf of the entire Students’ Guild.”

Emily Leahy, News Editor

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