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Review: Game of Thrones Season 4 DVD


As the Game of Thrones community braces itself for the arrival of the next instalment from Westeros, Game of Thrones Society President Nick Lawley, advanced copy in hand, runs us through the highlights from the season 4 box-set.

Image Credits: TV Fanatic
Image Credits: TV Fanatic

Season 4 of Game of Thrones was ranked by Metacritic as 94% one of the highest results ever given to a TV show. Building on the success of the previous seasons, HBO somehow managed to once more shock and enthral millions of fans, who remain completely hooked. The purple wedding, the Mountain and the Red Viper’s tete a tete, the battle at The Wall, the entire season was jam packed with some of the most exciting television to ever hit our screens.

So you can imagine my excitement when HBO sent me the DVDs collection for Season 4 (incidentally this once more goes to show the importance of the Exeter Game of Thrones Society in the world of Game of Thrones) to review for Exepose.

“So what?” I hear you cry, “Do the DVDs offer that I haven’t already seen last year on the TV?!” Well, there are in fact many very interesting extras:

Behind the Battle for the Wall

A 30 minute documentary which looks into the filming of most ambitious battle scene in television history. The documentary follows the cast and crew and also adds some never before seen material!

The Fallen: A Roundtable

Brian Cogman, one of the best writers of the show, sits down with a number of cast members who sadly met their demise in Season 4. Another 30 minutes of fascinating chit chat, which really gives an insight into how much the actors love the show.

The Politics of Power: A look back at Season 3

Image Credits: Wikipedia
Image Credits: Wikipedia

This throwback revisits the key moments that set up the political situation before Season 4.

2 Deleted Scenes 

Two never before seen scenes that did not make the final cut. One particularly involving Bronn and Shae is of special interest.

Bastards of Westeros

Both show runners and George RR Martin discuss the role of bastards in the Seven Kingdoms. The way they compare both Jon and Ramsay Snow is really interesting.

Audio Commentaries for every episode

This staple is just fascinating to watch. With commentaries from show runners Benioff and Weiss, George RR Martin, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Pedro Pascal and Aiden Gillen among others makes for humorous and deep analysis of the show.

Rewatching the episodes does encourage the craving for Season 5 which is just around the corner and which Exeter Game of Thrones Society and Exepose Screen will, of course, be covering very closely. Also keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page about some screening news!

Game of Thrones Society President, Nick Lawley 

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