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All the Pretty Things: Gingham


Fashion Columnist Jasmine Prasad, tells us to get our gingham on for spring…. 

News is in, fashion fans. One of Spring 2015’s greatest prints is GINGHAM! Gone are the days of channelling your inner punk with all that plaid that we’ve been seeing on trend for far too long, now it’s time to turn to your inner Bo-Peep! [although you’ll be looking about 200 times more stylish methinks.] In fact, I saw a girl who managed to pull off Gingham perfectly in a lecture a few days ago. Simple, yet strong and graphic, and not a hint of little girliness about it. Lucky for us, gingham is spectacularly easy to do in day to day life. Let’s see how it has been springing up on the catwalk…

Photo Credit: Elle.com
Diane von Furstenberg – Spring 2015 Photo Credit: Elle.com
Photo Credit: Elle.com
Diane von Furstenberg – Spring 2015 Photo Credit: Elle.com













The key to gingham this season is using the print to make a huge statement. Be it huge checks, shaping the entire outfit, as shown by Oscar De La Renta or a micro-version of the print on a graceful chiffon fabric, comme Diane von Furstenberg. I think my personal favourite of the designer collections that I’ve seen has to be von Furstenberg’s two piece top and shorts suit in blue gingham. Reminiscent of the 60s, with a serious Twiggy vibe, this look is still clean and modern. Von Furstenberg does a wonderful job of encapsulating the two piece look which has erupted recently over both the catwalk and the red carpet, thanks to the likes of Emma Stone and Rihanna championing it through the 2014 party season. So elegant, so effortless, and such an original take on a potential outfit!

Pink Gingham Sleeveless Crop Top Photo Credit: New Look


Selected Homme’s One Gingham Shirt Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters














Naturally us students need to be sourcing this look for less, which actually seems to be a much easier feat that that of the Marsala we heard about last week! New Look nail it, just like last week, showing every style of gingham under the sun, from large prints, to small prints, trousers, skirts, scarfs, in fact almost anything you could put the print to! A particularly fetching pink gingham sleeveless crop top stands out from all the rest though… Topshop’s frilly ankle socks had a gingham makeover and are bound to be a hit this spring, and for the guys, I’m a little obsessed with Selected Homme’s One Gingham Shirt, which you can find in Urban Outfitters!

Time for us to be embracing those picnic baskets and donning our gingham all the way down to the beach this Spring/Summer!

Jasmine Prasad, Fashion Columnist 

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