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Uni student to stand for Lib Dems in Exeter


An Exeter student has been selected to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Exeter constituency.

Joel Mason, 22, is a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student in his final year. Originally from Bedfordshire, Joel began his studies in 2011.

“I am delighted to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Exeter,” he told Exeposé. “I’m sure I’m not alone amongst the student body in thinking that Exeter is a wonderful place to live, to study, and to work, and it would be a privilege to represent the city.”

When asked why he was standing for the Liberal Democrats, he responded that the “Liberal Democrats have had to make very tough decisions over the course of the coalition.” He continued: “I am proud to be standing for a party which has helped to implement policies such as the pupil premium, gay marriage, and lifting the lowest earners out of income tax.”

It is hoped that Joel’s youth and vigour will help the Liberal Democrats to close the gap on the other parties in this year’s election.

Other politicians competing for the seat includes the incumbent Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, Dom Morris of the Conservative Party, and Diane Moore of the Green Party.

“We are very proud to have politically engaged students at Exeter who care about the future direction of this country,” commented Matt Bate, VP Activities.

“Joel is a shining example of this and I hope that his engagement in the general election will encourage more students to take notice and register to vote.”

Theodore Stone, News Team 

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