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Nerf Soc hit by £150 equipment theft


A student society has had £150 worth of equipment stolen.

Nerf Soc, a society that hosts weekly “battles” with toy blasters, discovered that around 35 of their “Strongarm” style blasters had gone missing on  the evening of Wednesday 4th.

The foam dart guns had been stored in a locker by the music rooms in Cornwall House alongside other societies’ equipment.

Although students require card access to enter the storage space, the Nerf Soc committee now fear that this level of security may not be enough.

Nerf Soc was founded last February and has since grown rapidly in popularity, gaining its hundredth member as of this week.

Now without enough blasters to cover student demand, President Sasha Gibbins described the society as “crippled” following the apparent burglary.

He said: “We are terribly disappointed. We exist as a way for people to blow off steam during university with pure childish fun, and someone has ruined that for our members.”

This is the second occurrence of its kind to hit the society. In December, Nerf Soc had 2,000 darts taken from their armoury, putting their weekly battles on a temporary hold.

Anyone who has any information is advised to contact President Sasha Gibbins, who is personally offering to buy a three-year membership to anyone who can return the blasters to the society.

Fiona Potigny, News Team

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