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New funding for Masters students


The University has introduced a new £10,000 scholarship for current students planning to complete a Masters at Exeter in 2015.

This proposed financial aid, co-founded by the University institution and the Higher Education Funding Council for England, is a one-off opportunity and looks to encourage current undergraduate students into a Masters degree before the UK Government’s proposed loan scheme for postgraduate study begins in 2016.

There are a significant number of scholarships available, open only to UK and EU Exeter students progressing from an undergraduate degree where they were subject to the higher tuition fees introduced in 2012.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 April, with decisions on applications being made at the end of the following month.

Applications for the scholarship will be via a form submitted to the Admissions Fees and Funding Officer.

Students who are interested in applying for these scholarships should visit the website whilst the scheme is still developing.

Ben Street, VP Education, commented: “The University’s decision to support the scholarship scheme proposed by HEFCE is a very positive move and shows a clear commitment to ensuring that students have access to taught postgraduate study.

“I hope students who may have previously been concerned about funding further study will take the opportunity to apply for this funding.”

Lara Garett, News Team

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