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Eastenders: Lucy Beale Murderer Revealed


After Thursday’s mind-blowing live reveal of Lucy Beale’s murder, Rory Henderson Morgan gives us a review of the episode ten months in the making. 

Bobby. Fucking. Beale. Who would have thought it?

Well probably everyone who sat through the slightly too long jam packed 7:30pm episode of Eastenders to its end and stayed up late to catch the film noir-esque 9:25pm one (cheeky).

Image Credit: Mirror Bobby Beale
Image Credit: Mirror
Bobby Beale

As one of the many sad individuals who has been glued to the soap for the past ten months I can whole-heartedly say these explosive episodes did not disappoint (even though I called this result with my friend last November, bow down). So much happened that it became impossible to remember all the crazy shit that went down. In one night of episodes there was a birth, attempted arson, a potential murder, a character rising from the dead, a solved murder mystery and most importantly Sonia getting her head shoved into a wedding cake (you go, Kat!).

To those who have a life and are not as frequented with the soap universe, this might all sound like a bit much. But for other intellectually superior (lonely) individuals this was an anniversary special that truly delivered. Not only did the live element ensure great plot twists were not spoiled, but it also offered some fantastic examples of the high level of talent from the Eastenders cast as they broadcast live (it was great to hear how ‘Adam’ was).

Image Credit: BBC Lucy Beale
Image Credit: BBC
Lucy Beale

It was of course, however, all about the Lucy story line, with numerous theories circulating Britain for what seemed like a decade. We all had our theories and some of us were right. Cait Gabe-Jones, a third year Classics and English student (as well as my co-detective) stated:

‘It was really well done on the part of Eastenders; I’m very proud that I managed to predict the killer a few months ago, so it was great to see it all unfold and realise I’d got it right.’

With a whodunnit spanning for almost a year it was inevitable that the truly dedicated ones amongst us viewers would guess this outcome as some point or another. By that only made the whole thing even more enjoyable. It is rare that people such as myself and Cait get to experience this high sense of accomplishment and I am forever thankful to Dominic Treadwell Collins for giving this to us.

On another note, who else feels really sorry for the two other actors that played Bobby Beale? This kid has only been around for a few months and gets all the glory. The lucky sod.

Rory Henderson Morgan

Features Editor

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