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Exeter students mark Israeli Apartheid Week


Exeter University Friends of Palestine Society are marking international Israeli Apartheid Week with a series of events to help raise awareness of Israel as an apartheid state.

There will be a range of events including various talks and a candlelit vigil, as well as a screening of the film ‘Road Map to Apartheid’.

The week will conclude with a panel discussion on the 27th February, with current students discussing their experiences of being Palestinian.

A screening of the film, “Rooftops of Jerusalem,” produced by current student Hana Elias, will also take place, and has previously been shown at film festivals in Bristol and Milan.

Throughout the globe events will be held on University Campuses and in specific cities to raise awareness of the suffering of Palestinians and in particular the Israeli Apartheid Policy towards them.

Israeli Apartheid Week has been running annually for ten years, and since its conception, Israel has been increasingly challenged, and criticized for its treatment of Palestinians. Through the publications of activists, human rights organisations, political leaders and academics, vocal support for Palestinians has risen, combined with pressure on Israel to change its current apartheid policies.

Since 170 Palestinian Civil Societies called for boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel in July 2005, the BDS campaign has gone from strength to strength and made major gains in countries such as the UK and USA.

For more information about this week’s events, click here.

Mat Roderick, News Team

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