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All the Pretty Things: Vintage Stores


Jasmine Prasad, Online Fashion Columnist, tells us why you should ditch Topshop and head to the Vintage Store on South Street instead….

There’s a very fine line between working all of the latest trends and dressing exactly the same as everybody else, in exactly the same Topshop garms, making everybody look like mass produced clones. Luckily, there’s an answer to this little conundrum! “What is it?” I hear you ask? Well, vintage of course! Vintage is no new news,  (in more ways than one,) but in Exeter, apart from the pop-up stores we have up at the Forum from time to time, it’s not so easy to go a little old school and stay bang on trend.  To get your fill of old school quirks, check out the Vintage Store, on South Street.

Vintage Store is an all-out treasure trove which will satisfy your clothing cravings and some. With a particular eye for what people want, the proprietors of the Vintage Store are all about supplying customers with whatever is in vogue, but also, offering a completely fresh perspective on what you wear. I for one maintain a very classic, quite expensive style (strictly silks, velvets and lace, thank you very much), but one of the favourites of my recent purchases is my vintage bright neon 90s day dress, from the Vintage Store. So far left field of anything I would usually wear, an experience in the store is one that enables you to put out all the parts of your style that you were once completely unaware of! Their vintage items are all so beautifully individual that you could honestly spend all day in there.

Me looking damnn 90s in my crazy Neon Day Dress
Me looking damnn 90s in my crazy Neon Day Dress

In contrast to my epiphany that I was, deep inside, a 90s Nu Raver, the Vintage Store also catered to what was within my comfort zone.  Aside from the actual vintage, the Vintage Store also carry a line of reworked velvet shirts, cropped shirts, skirts and dresses, in various colours which have proven to be very popular. I myself own two pieces and love them with all my heart! Made by the parent company of the store itself, the Vintage Store seem to have a weird second sense of exactly what we want as straight-up fashion fans.

Cute Vintage Store velvet
Cute Vintage Store velvet


Oh, and did I mention the designer swag? This is probably the only place in Exeter I know of where you can find designer vintage for surprisingly low prices. Moschino, Cavalli, Dior… These are all seriously big names people! I think they even had some Prada and Louis Vuitton in a while back…  They’ve also got a pretty permanent collection of Ralph Lauren button down shirts and jumpers up in their men’s section and some gorgeous 90s-esque reworked Ralph dresses in the ladies section. Sooo Rachel from Friends circa. 1994.  Whilst I harbour some affection for a particularly vibrant purple Moschino button down, their designer section is most definitely worth checking out.

Right now, if you’re still riding the 90s wave, head down to the Vintage Store, because they’ll most certainly sort you out with whatever you need. But if you’re feeling switching it up, maybe even trying out the new 70s thing that’s popping up on all the catwalks , then the Vintage Store is still your way forward! Just try not to get lost in the rails upon rails of gorgeousness.

Designer Brands at the Vintage Store


 Jasmine Prasad, Online Fashion Columnist

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