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ECU to stage ‘Grill-a-Christian’ event


The Evangelical Christian Union (ECU) is set to hold a ‘grilling’ Q&A session on the topic of Christianity at 7:30pm on Thursday 26th February at the Lemon Grove.

After a successful week of events examining claims of the Christian faith, ECU organisers have decided to stage a ‘Grill-a-Christian’ event to encourage discussion of religion.

Visitors will have the opportunity to ask the panellists ‘any’ question about Christianity, to discuss the big objections to religion in society.

David Holt, an ECU organiser, said: “We’re really excited to see how the event turns out – we believe our faith is backed up by evidence and provides the best answers to life’s biggest questions”.

The panel features several local church leaders, including Rev. Simon Austin and James Grier, founder of Unlimited (‘a church for young people who don’t do church’).

Rachel Gilles, Students’ Guild President, will also be present at the event.

Questions can be asked on the night, or tweeted to @ExeterECU using #GrillAChristian.

Akash Beri, News Team

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