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All The Pretty Things: Awards Season Fashion


In this week’s column, fashion columnist Jasmine Prasad picks her top awards season looks….

It’s been almost a full week since the Oscars aired: a full week since I attempted to stretch my eyes open until 5am to see who won Best Picture, how their outfit would look as they moved onto the stage and how their acceptance speech would sound. Needless to say, I most definitely did not make it quite to 5, but the bit I was most interested in, the 90 minute pre-show red carpet coverage, was actually at a watchable time, despite it being longer than some of the actual nominated films! The Oscars red carpet is the DEFINITIVE go to for on-point awards season fashion. It’s when designers deliver because all the stars know that whatever they wear WILL be dissected by critic after critic in the press the following morning. There have been new and fresh looks across the board this awards season, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my picks for some of the biggest events over the past few months!

Golden Globes

Emma Stone – Lanvin

emma stone

This was one of my favourite looks, not only of the Globes, but of the whole of awards season! The Golden Globes are the first major fashion event of awards season, so the stars have to bring it. And oh my, did Emma Stone bring it. When I was talking about fashion-forward freshness, this is what I meant. Look at the way the bodice sparkles in the camera flash… So much perfection. Not to mention her jumpsuit took our focus far from the grand gowns and opulence that come to characterise the debutante event of awards season. The huge striking bow on the back brings her up to the same level as everyone around her, without stopping her looking edgy and cool as. Don’t we all want to be Emma?


Julianne Moore – Givenchy and Chopard jewellery

juilenne moore


Julianne Moore has had a pretty impeccable awards season, sweeping up practically all of the Best Actress awards for Still Alice. Art most definitely imitates life with this gorgeous Givenchy beaded dress. Elegant but understated, and SO appropriate for the event. We really need to remember how early this was before the Oscars, to appreciate how much this outfit triumph foreshadows all Moore’ acting triumphs! Freaky coincidence! This shade of green is perfect for her dulcet Autumn tones, and my goodness, every item of clothing in the world should be that ornately embellished. Gold star Ms Moore!



Rihanna – Giambattista Valli Couture and Chopard jewellery




Taylor Swift – Elie Saab dress, Giuseppe Zanotti heels, Lorraine Schwarz and Ofirapave jewellery

taylor swift


Okay, so I couldn’t quite pick between these two because they both dressed exactly in the tradition of the Grammys. Yet each took their own spin on the experimentalism of this particular awards show. On a night where everybody dresses as eccentrically as possible (see Madonna’s outfit, those of you who are interested), Rihanna did exactly what she always does, and shocked us. Her full on Disney-princess-esque couture ballgown definitely put her up there as the most memorable. She made a bold statement and really did look stunning. But I think my personal taste lands more on the side of Ms Swift, whose double hem effect was equally experimental and showed off those incredible long gazelle legs of hers. A* for the ombre effect on the beautiful peacock blue!


Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe – Giorgio Armani and Valentino

eddie redmayne


Couples time! These two looked adorable at the BAFTAs, especially at an event so prestigious and so weighty with expectations. Redmayne’s velvet Armani suit in navy was kind of perfect for the film he had been nominated for – a little geek-chic and a little 70s with the material, but ultimately suave, perfect for the successful star. Bagshawe looked like an ethereal nymph next to her leading man and they played the part of awards season ingénues to the T.



Zendaya – Vivienne Westwood and Chopard jewellery



There were so many mind-blowing designs at the Oscars that this was by far the most difficult. S/O to Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong’o and Rosamund Pike too for particularly excellent outfits also – but I thought for a debut Oscars appearance, at the age of just 18, Zendaya looked fresh, sweet and current. New talent in Hollywood is always great, especially when they manage to school veterans of the red carpet *cough* Viola Davis *cough*. Her dress made everybody stop and stare, and she followed firmly in the tradition of nudes and whites. These muted colours were seen all over the Oscars red carpet.

Of course, everybody looked incredible, and all awards shows are there to celebrate the achievements of these amazing artists, but all of them delivered dress-wise to the awe of us fashion fiends! Who were your top picks for awards season?

Jasmine Prasad, Fashion Columnist 

All photo credits: vogue.com


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